This woman's apartment is so colorful, she looks like she's living in a rainbow

May 11th, 2021

Your home is all about you. It should reflect your personality and your style. It needs to make you feel comfortable and have that smile on your face each time you walk inside. If you’re running out of ideas in designing your personal space, you’ll find tons of inspiration online.

Amina Mucciolo’s apartment is generating a lot of buzz on the internet.

Her rainbow unicorn house is far from the regular apartments you’ve seen. It’s bright and colorful- literally.

The house’s style isn’t an easy look to pull off.

She has rainbow-colored cabinets and a Hello Kitty microwave. She has mismatched chairs that bring life to her living room and kitchen. She even has Care Bear figurines as decorations!

Her walls are far from boring.

They are painted in rainbow hues. Her ceiling has colorful paper cranes. She lights up the house with soft colors and that makes the place an instant hit on social media.

The apartment isn’t the only colorful thing in Amina’s life.

She proves that her home is a reflection of her personality. You see, just like her apartment, Amina is always adorned with colorful accessories.

She styles her hair with rainbow braids. She wears colorful clothing and puts on glitter makeup. She’s like a human rainbow!

Amina wasn’t always this fun.

The 32-year-old woman struggled with a suicide attempt and bulimia. Her condition caused her to spend time in a mental health facility. There, she was able to start crafting.

Even though she went through a lot, she didn’t allow her problems to bring her down.

Instead, she used them to turn her life around and change her mindset. It wasn’t an easy process but she was able to do it.

Amina started Studio Mucciolo.

It sells luxury handmade items. And just like Amina and her apartment, they are fun, quirky, and creative.

In an interview with Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, she shared:

“I started Studio Mucci fresh out of recovery (for bulimia) and was really trying to practice self love and self acceptance. But I had no idea that so many people struggled with the same issues. I was vulnerable, I put myself out there…and the response has been amazing.”

Amina is an Instagram star.

She has more than 325,000 followers there and that’s not surprising. She’s strongly advocating for embracing one’s quirky self and it’s exactly what the world needs now.

In the same interview, she was asked how she’s able to maintain such a positive attitude.

She answered:

“I still sometimes struggle and have bad days. But I guess the thing that always keeps me together is thinking about how my life changed so much for the better the moment that I decided to embrace all of the things about myself that I used to feel insecure about. It was almost like magic. I feel so much gratitude for the life that I have now, even when things are rough, so I also try to focus on that. When all else fails I like to twirl and throw confetti!”

Watch the complete tour of Amina’s colorful apartment below!

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Source: Instagram-Studio Mucci, YouTube-Tasselfairy