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People are growing their own gardens right out of potting soil bags
Why work harder when you can work smarter?
D.G. Sciortino

Why work harder when you can work smarter?

That’s the motto for people like Kim Anderson from Dismuke, North Texas, who are growing gardens directly out of potting soil bags.

It’s a great method for those who have limited mobility and can’t bend down a lot and want their garden work to be at waist level.

Anderson plopped her bags right on top of some tables for easy access.

And she’s been doing this successfully for years.

“How cool is this? This worked well for me for many years – it’s a simple, weed-free way to grow lettuce, spinach, and even radishes,” Anderson wrote on Facebook, according to a post by Julie Morgan.

Planting a typical garden in the ground can be laborious and requires one to have the proper soil conditions. You also have to till that soil, remove weeds, and be sure to add fertilizer and organic matter, according to dengarden.

But growing a garden from a bag of potting soil can be done in just five easy steps. First, you buy the soil, then you place them flat on wet newspaper or on the ground, balcony, or elevated surface.

Next you want to poke some holes in the bottom side of your bag so it can drain and cut a hole into the top side bag leaving at least a 2-inch border.

Then you plant those veggies right into your bag.

At the end of growing season, you can leave them, plant your product plants into the ground, or lay down new bags.

This method is great for those who don’t have space or the physical capacity to dig a garden and don’t want to constantly be weeding.

As well as those with apartments and areas that don’t have great soil quality.

You can pretty much plant anything that doesn’t require deep rooting like lettuce, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes.

You just want to be sure you water your bags well. Grow bags tend to dry out easier.

“When harvesting, just use a pair of scissors and cut what you need – don’t pull the plants out. Same goes for spinach – they will grow back almost magically overnight, and you can’t tell where you cut,” Anderson told her Facebook fans.

“Spray mist the seeds and plantlings at first when watering until they are established, then you can water more vigorously as the plants mature. You will probably need to water more often since the depth of the bags are not as deep as a regular in-ground garden. I just kept mine moist, but not sopping wet.”

Anderson offered elaborate step-by-by directions on exactly how she grew her garden.

That post ended up going viral and being shared on several different social media pages.

A quick Google search, and you’ll find lots of different ways to start your garden directly from your bag of soil.

Just make sure it’s out of reach from your pets.

Do you do better with visuals?

You can check out the video tutorial on how to grow a garden from potting soil bags below

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