People are ditching she-sheds to build wine shacks in their backyards instead

May 4th, 2021

Recently trending she-sheds are the feminine answer to the man cave, a place for people everywhere to relax and get away from the daily grind of working a job and taking care of a household. Now, they are finding a new use, as wine shacks.

A place to relax

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With the coming of the pandemic, many bars and restaurants were closed.

To continue to get their drink on, wine and alcohol lovers have decided to turn their sheds into a hangout envied by the neighbors.

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And while it does take some know-how when it comes to converting a shed, YouTube has plenty of videos telling you how to build your own shed. Just make sure to include space for your four-legged friends.

Creating your own space

With this new craze, people have really raised the bar with their designs, literally. In addition to converting or building their own wine/bar shed, people have also incorporated other elements in their back yard, such as the patio, pool, or other areas.

A perfect project for the DIYer in your family

Providing a fun challenge, many DIYers have been up to the task. All it takes is a little paint, maybe some reconstruction in some cases, and a lot of determination to turn your shed into the hangout of your dreams, complete with wine, or any other alcoholic beverage that you choose.

Making sure everything is connected

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Just make sure that you have a connection to power your fridge or wine cooler.

Plus, power to the shed will also allow you to hook up lights for those nighttime parties with family and friends.

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Reddit – lskydia Source: Reddit – lskydia

Other amenities include plumbing, a firepit, or whatever else you can dream up. All of it designed to give you a great place to relax and have a drink or two.

You can even add an entire outdoor eating area.

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Best of all, it doesn’t have to be a small shed and can use a bigger structure to give you plenty of room to spread out and enjoy yourself.

Not relegated to just wine

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And don’t forget the theme, as that can make or break a party space. Popular themes include Tiki bars, rustic, or a more modern look. As long as you have alcohol, such as wine, beer, or rum, among others, you can turn your backyard space into a place to relax and enjoy your off time.

To learn how to convert your shed into your own backyard bar getaway, see the video below.

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