15 Crafty Ways To Upcycle Old Curtains

May 8th, 2018

Some of us pay a pretty penny to have nice curtains. It would be a shame to just toss them out when you’re ready for new ones. So why not repurpose them instead?

Here Are 15 Crafty Ways To Upcycle Old Curtains:

1) Door Draft Stopper

Stop wasting electricity and use a draft stopper. You can craft one from old curtains and cat litter. You find the tutorial here.

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Organic Authority Source: Organic Authority

2) Curtain Room Divider

Need some separation in between rooms? Use your old curtains as a room divider. This gives you separation when you want it and openness when you don’t.

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Anahata Katkin Source: Anahata Katkin

3) Curtain Table Runner

Spruce up your table with a table runner. You can make one out of a curtain. Learn how here.

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craftstylish Source: craftstylish

4) Floating Frame Curtain Headboard

Looking for an Instagram-worthy bedroom? Hang a curtain rod and hang your old curtain from it. Use wire to hang your picture frame from the curtain rod to give it a floating appearance. You can find instructions here.

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Apartment Therapy Source: Apartment Therapy

5) Turn Curtains Into An Apron

Curtains can be turned into a super cute apron. Especially if they are kitchen valences and have a “kitchen” pattern. Get the instructions here.

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home stories Source: home stories

6) Substitute Closet Door

Does your closet door seem too bulky? You can get a look that’s a little lighter with curtains. Just install a curtain rod and hang them as you normally would or install a tension rod.

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Deaft West Arch Source: Deaft West Arch

7) Reusable Grocery Bag

Those reusable grocery bags are priceless and keep our home from being overwhelmed with plastic bags. You can make a bunch from just one curtain. Get the instructions here.

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Le Coutureve Source: Le Coutureve

8) Curtain Canopy Bed

Save those curtains to create the bedroom of your dreams. You can create a dreamy canopy bed with curtains and a few other pieces. You can learn how to make one here.

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One King's Lane Source: One King's Lane

9) Kids Play Teepee

Old curtains can be transformed into a kid’s play teepee. There are lots of different designs for this. You can find one here.

10) Make Some Pillows

You can make some truly lovely pillows from old curtains. Just cut up some pieces and sew them together. You’ll find instructions here.

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Love Create Celebrate Source: Love Create Celebrate

11) Make a Reading Nook

Create a magical little place where you can sit and read. Just install a curved curtain rod. Place something soft below to sit on.

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Thrifty and Chic Source: Thrifty and Chic

12) Chair or Sofa Slipcovers

Is your chair or sofa looking beat up? You can make covers for them from curtains. Learn how here.

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Taters and Jello Source: Taters and Jello

13) Fabric Bulletin Board

Does your family need a bulletin board? You can make a really nice one from some old curtains. Get the directions here.

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Making Lemonade Source: Making Lemonade

14) Make A Shower Curtain

Old curtains make perfect accents in your bathroom. Just make sure to use a plastic cover on the inside. Leave the curtain on the outside for decor.

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pooleapp.com Source: pooleapp.com

15) Small Area Rug

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Bob Vila Source: Bob Vila

Curtains can be turned into an area rug. Just glue it to a no-slip backing or some kind of batting. And cut to size.

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