15 DIY Projects For Summer

April 17th, 2018

Summer is coming and we’d all like our homes to welcome the season. There are lots of ways you can summer up your home inexpensively with DIY projects.

Here are 15 outdoor DIY summer projects for your home:

1) Giant Slip N’ Slide

Why should the kids have all the fun? Making an adult Slip n’ Slide is super easy. Learn how to make it here.

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Americover Source: Americover

2) Illuminated Volleyball Net

Don’t let the fun stop just because it’s dark out! Light up your volleyball net with some string lights. Just wrap and weave them through your net.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

3) Giant Sprinkler

End your adult Slip n’ Slide with a cool giant sprinkler. You can easily make one with PVC pipe. Learn how here.

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Lindsay & Andrew Source: Lindsay & Andrew

4) Mason Jar Citronella Torches

Citronella candles are a must in the summer to keep the bugs away. You don’t have to buy them if you make these cool citronella torches from mason jars. Get the directions here.

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Dream A Little Bigger Source: Dream A Little Bigger

5) Butterfly Feeders

Who wouldn’t want to welcome butterflies into their yard? Make your garden a little more magical with a butterfly feeder. Creating one is easy if you follow the tutorial below.

Source: eHow

6) Beverage Station

Going in and out of the house for drinks is so annoying. Create this adorable beverage station that keeps everything outdoors and in one place. You can find the directions here.
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Lil Luna Source: Lil Luna

7) Summer Umbrella Wreath

This wreath is just so super festive and adorable. It’s made from those little drink umbrellas. You can find the instructions here.

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Family Chic Source: Family Chic

8) Outdoor DIY Swing

There are so many different ways that you can make a fun outdoor swing. You can use pallets, an old door, or a tire. You’ll find lots of ideas and tutorials here.

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Binti Home Blog Source: Binti Home Blog

9) Covered Toy/Bike Garage

Don’t let your bikes or kiddie toys get stuck out in the rain. You can keep them safe and neat in this DIY parking garage. Learn how to make it here.

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Mom Endeavors Source: Mom Endeavors

10) Turn Your Backyard Into a Movie Theater

Enjoy movies under the moonlight with this outdoor movie screen. It costs under $300 dollars to make but its a fraction of what it would cost you to buy one. Get the details here.

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Lifehacker Source: Lifehacker

11) Create An Outdoor Awning

Give yourself a little bit of shade with a DIY awning. You just need some planters, buckets, concrete, sand, and bamboo poles or PVC pipe. Get the instructions on how to make one here.

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Budget 101 Source: Budget 101

12) Outdoor Lanterns

Use a hammer and some nails to poke holes in a metal bucket. Place a candle inside to create these pretty outdoor lanterns. Learn how here.

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DIY Projects Source: DIY Projects

13) Fold Up Towel Bag

This is just perfect for a summer beach day. This is a towel that includes a pillow but also folds up. It also has pockets. Learn how to make it here.

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Very Dark House Source: Very Dark House

14) String Light Chandelier

Illuminate your space with this darling chandelier. All it takes is a hula hoop and set of string lights. You’ll find the instructions here.

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Sarah With An H Source: Sarah With An H

15) Bandana Bowl Covers

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Sadie Seasongoods Source: Sadie Seasongoods

Don’t invite bugs to your picnic. Make bowl covers with some fabric and a little bit of elastic. Get the tutorial here. If you’re not the sewing type and don’t care if they look nice or not you can use dollar store shower caps.

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