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Give Your RV Bathroom A Serious Upgrade

January 2nd, 2019

Even though living in an RV certainly is cozy, you can’t deny that there’s not plenty of room to work with. After all, it’s still practically a home on wheels and some areas might not be extremely spacious, but there’s a lot you can do to make improvements.

The bathroom in an RV, for example, can feel pretty crowded. However, there are a few essential items and tools you can use to give your mobile bathroom a significant upgrade that won’t only save you some space, but also give it some added functionality. In other words, you can easily make the bathroom experience in an RV better with these ten simple items and tips.

1) Grab a custom shower curtain

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It’s amazing what a difference a shower curtain can make, and choosing a lighter color or pattern will help to make your bathroom look more spacious. Multi-colored patterns also work really well and can give your mobile home some much-needed style. The best tip regarding a shower curtain, however, is to get one that’s specifically custom made for RV’s, so that it won’t drag in the water. These RV curtains are shorter and narrower than regular curtains. A fitted shower curtain will certainly improve your time under the shower!

2) Use wall-mounted storage baskets

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One benefit of living in a compact area such as an RV is that you won’t have as many things around, but there are still some essentials you need to store, preferably somewhere organized. Install a couple of storage baskets on some walls (such as in the toilet for all of your toiletries, for example) to save some space. It’ll also help to declutter the floor.

3) Portable drying rack/hanger

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If you’re on the road with an RV, you can’t exactly let the clothes dry outside. A simple yet ingenious portable drying rack will help you with that. Install these portable racks on the towel hanger in the bathroom to dry smaller items such as socks – but feel free to hang some heavier pieces of clothing on there as well.

4) High-tech air freshener

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If you think all that an air freshener does is add some scent to a room – you might be surprised that some fresheners nowadays are surprisingly high-tech and versatile. For example, some air fresheners out there come with a built-in nightlamp, but there are also models with a built-in carbon filter that doubles as an air purifier – ideal if you want to save some space and want to keep the air in the RV fresh, clean and smelling good.

5) Top-notch showerhead

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Sometimes, the more expensive option is actually totally worth it. It’s a good idea to check and see if your showerhead in the RV could use an upgrade. A high-quality showerhead will truly make a world of difference! Simply having more or wider stream settings alone will give you the feeling of being in a larger shower.

6) Lights

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Lights are absolutely key in making a room – or an RV – look more spacious. Furthermore, the default installed lights in one of these mobile homes usually aren’t sufficient, so some additional lightning will definitely come in handy, especially in the bathroom. And the best thing is that you can choose how you want to add some extra illumination yourself. Dressing room or theatre style lights work surprisingly well in smaller bathrooms.

7) Give your toilet an upgrade

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Like it or not, people spend a lot of time on the toilet – so there’s no reason not to invest in a great, high-quality toilet. That being said, installing a new toilet in an RV can be quite a challenge, but if you already have a regular-sized toilet, replacing it by a new one shouldn’t prove to be too much of a hassle. Some high-end toilets feature built-in lights and heating for the colder days or areas.

8) Compact, precise faucet

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It’s often the most used things in an RV bathroom that need improvements the most. The faucet is definitely one of those things. If the current faucet is taking up way too much space or isn’t working perfectly, consider getting a more compact faucet that’s also splashproof thanks to more precise waterstreams.

9) Swinging towel rack

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As we’ve mentioned above – drying space in an RV is rather limited. That’s exactly why a swinging towel rack is absolutely essential. You can find them with a lot of arms if you need to try a lot of damp towels, but there are also more compact versions out there. In short, these swinging towel racks save time and space.

10) Add bathroom insulation

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If you’re remodeling an RV or doing renovations, it definitely can’t hurt to add or replace the insulation in the whole van. The insulation tends to be pretty weak on its own and an upgrade will most definitely be noticeable, especially when the temperature drops to cold numbers.

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