15 Ways To Repurpose Old Sweaters

April 17th, 2018

With the warm weather on its way, we’ll be packing away our heavy clothing or getting rid of it. But before you do that, you might want to check out some of the cool ways you can repurpose your old sweaters.

Here are 15 ways to upcycle sweaters:

1) Comfy Knit Skirt

Add a new piece of clothing to your wardrobe with an old piece of clothing. Your old sweater can be turned into a cute skirt. The tutorial below will show you how.

Source: Annika Victoria

2) Make Cozy Mittens

Your sweater can make for a real cozy pair of mittens. The bottom hem works out perfectly to keep them snug around your wrist. Just trace your hand and sew. Get the DIY details here.

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A Beautiful Mess Source: A Beautiful Mess

3) Sweater Scarf With Pockets

This is just brilliant. Keep your neck nice and warm and keep your cell phone safe with this sweater scarf with pockets. Learn how to make one here.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

4) Slouchy Hipster Hat

Use an old sweater to make you look straight outta Brooklyn. This design also utilizes the hem of your sweater and the trace method. You can find the full tutorial here.

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A Beautiful Mess Source: A Beautiful Mess

5) Pocket Warmers or Warming Sleeve

These come in handy when you’re going out into the cold or want to soothe a case of stomach cramps. Just cut out the shape you’d like your warmer to be in or chop off the sleeve. Fill with rice or dried beans and sew shut. Pop them in the microwave for a few minutes and warm yourself. Directions can be found here.

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PA Country Crafts Source: PA Country Crafts

6) Get a Pop of Color With Some Pillows

You can make super cozy pillows with an old sweater. Just measure some pieces and sew them together around an old pillow. You find how-to instructions here.

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Sometimes Homemade Source: Sometimes Homemade

7) Fancy Up Your Boot

Want to add a little extra warmth or pizazz to your old boots? Add some sweater toppers. Learn how to make them here.

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Sincerely Kihnsey Source: Sincerely Kihnsey

8) Cozie Up Your Mug

Is your morning coffee cooling too quickly? Make yourself a mug cozie. Get the directions here.

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Lemon Tree Dwelling Source: Lemon Tree Dwelling

9) Pocketbook Sweater Bag

Need a new bag? Make one from an old sweater. You’ll find the tutorial for the one below here.

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Handimania Source: Handimania

10) Soft Patchwork Blanket

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a blanket made from all your cozy sweaters? Well, you can make one with a bunch of old sweaters. Get the full details here.

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Freshly Found Source: Freshly Found

11) Covered Lamp Cover

Jazz up a basic lampshade by covering it with an old sweater. All you need is a sweater, scissors, and a glue gun for this one. You’ll find the tutorial here.

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Unskinny Boppy Source: Unskinny Boppy

12) Christmas Sweater Stockings

Hang your old sweaters from the chimney with care. They can be turned into really nice looking Christmas stockings. Learn how to make them with the tutorial below.

Source: Katrinaosity

13) Keep Your iPad Safe From Scratches

Your old sweaters can keep your iPad safe from scratches. You can transform it and make a cute iPad cover. Get the instructions here.
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Infarrantly Creative Source: Infarrantly Creative

14) Make A Bowl or Vase Look Fancy

Bring some texture to the rooms in your home with your old sweaters. Sweater fabric can be used to cover bowls, vases, or planters. Just cut a piece and use a glue gun to secure it.

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Colin Cooke Source: Colin Cooke

15) Covered Jewelry or Headbands

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Colin Cooke Source: Colin Cooke

Winterize your wardrobe with sweater accessories. You can buy headbands or bangles from the dollar store and cover with sweater material to make them look more high end. All you need is a glue gun!

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