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12 Little-Known Hacks To Banish Odors In Every Room

July 4th, 2018

Try as we might, our homes may still suffer from the dreaded stinky smells that go along with everyday life. Unpleasant odors aren’t necessarily caused by an unclean house. They can develop from many causes sometimes beyond your immediate control, such as lack of airflow and humidity. But there are actually some simple ways you can gain the upper hand on bad odors in your house that can sneak up on you in no time.

These easy hacks are sure to eliminate those stinky smells in your home and give you peace of mind the next time you get a visit from a friend or family member.

Toilet Brush Tip

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Toilet brushes can be downright disgusting. So keep yours clean and smelling fresh by adding scented cleaner to the bottom of the toilet brush holder.

DIY Toilet Spray

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Create your own toilet spray for your guest bathroom. Your friends and family will thank you! For the “No.2 Poo Spray” formula, check out Today’s Creative Life.

Refresh the Toilet Paper Roll Holder

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Help minimize unpleasant bathroom smells by adding essential oils to your toilet paper roll holder. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the holder, and you’re on the way to a fresh-smelling bathroom.

Freshen Up the Towels

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This tip is simple yet effective. Unwashed towels contribute to musty smells in the bathroom, so to keep them fresher, wash them after three uses. And if you add one-half cup of baking power to the wash, you’ll get even more freshness from your towels.

Neutralize Cooking Odor

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All you need to fight strong cooking smells is some bicarbonate of soda. Just add some in a small bowl, and then set it out on the sink. It will help absorb smelly foods.

Reduce Fridge Odors

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To get rid of bad fridge smells, put half a lemon on the center shelf. You can also put an open box of baking soda inside the fridge to absorb any odors.

Get Rid of Trash Can Odor

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Bicarbonate of soda comes to the rescue again! To eliminate stinky trash can smells, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda, or even cat litter, onto the base of the trash can. This step will help absorb the yucky smells.

Clean Kitchen Sink Drain

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You only need two ingredients to effectively clean your kitchen sink — bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Start the process by pouring 1 cup bicarbonate of soda on the drain. Then pour 2 cups of vinegar on the drain. Allow the ingredients to bubble for about five minutes. Finally, wash the drain down with hot water until it’s clean.

Freshen Up Your Mattress

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It’s true! Your mattress could be the cause of a smelly bedroom. To freshen up your mattress, leave a sifted cup of bicarbonate of soda on your mattress for 30 minutes. Then vacuum it up. For additional tips to clean your mattress, check out Expert Home Tip.

Deodorize Your Wardrobe

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Your closet can contain all type of clothing, from socks, to old jeans, to smelly shoes. Use a few herbal tea bags to deodorize your wardrobe. Hang the tea bags in your closet over the rail to absorb stinky smells. Plus, the bags will release the herbal scents for a refreshing smell.

Refresh Your Couch

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Just like you should do with your mattress from time to time, shift baking soda onto your couch, let it set, and then vacuum it off. The smell will impress friends and neighbors!

Say Goodbye to Pet Smells

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Pet-lovers everywhere must deal with some pretty strong smells from our furry friends. To get rid of these smells, pour plain vinegar into a spray bottle. Then add 10 drops of essential oil, including lemon, vanilla, or lavender. Then spray the mixture around the living room or in every room of the house.

Source: Expert Home Tips