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Easy Tutorial On How To Do The Moss Stitch

February 14th, 2019

The moss stitch, also called the granite stitch, combines chaining and single crochet. Easy enough for beginners, the moss stitch is also interesting enough for use by more experienced crotcheters. Learning the moss stitch is easy enough, but difficult to master. Fortunately, the following information should teach you all you need to know about this stitch and have you using it in no time.

The Moss Stitch

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To get started on the moss stitch gather your yarn. You can easily perform the stitch using any type or weight of yarn. You should also find a hook you are comfortable with. Some popular hooks to use with this stitch include the Clover Amour, Susan Bates Silvalume, and the Addi Swing crochet hooks.

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In addition, the moss stitch allows you to use up leftover yarn quickly. This is especially good for more experienced crocheters. It also helps to know a few edging options, but this is not a necessary requirement for making projects with this stitch.

How to Knit Using the Moss Stitch

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The moss stitch works on multiples of two stitches. It also repeats after four rows. Most importantly, the moss stitch is easy to read if you set your work down and come back to it later. To determine where you are at in your stitching, examine the rows of stitching. If you have two of the same stitch, then switch to the other row starting with the next stitch.

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When starting, you need to have a base chain of an even number. For the first two rows knit one and purl one. Repeat this stitch all the way across the row. On the next two rows, purl one and knit one, continuing across the row. Continue to repeat these four rows for the pattern until finished.

What You Can Make With a Moss Stitch

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Knitting Patterns Cowl Source: Knitting Patterns Cowl

Luckily, for users of the moss stitch they have a variety of patterns to choose from, many of them free. Patterns run from simple lap afghans to hats and other accessories. Other items for which you can find moss stitch patterns for include scarves, gloves, and headbands. If you have multiple colors of yarn, this stitch looks great with multiple colors.

Moss Stitch Diagram

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The image above is a great diagram of the moss stitch. On the diagram, o is equal to to one Cn, or chain. + is equal to Sc, or a single crochet. As stated earlier, the pattern is composed of four rows of repeating stitches. Just make sure to fasten off your yarn to keep it from unraveling.

Moss Stitch Videos

You can also check out a variety of videos online that show you how to perform the moss stitch. Check out the video below to find out more on how to properly do the moss stitch.

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