Zoe Is A Tiny Home In The Tiny House Village At Mt. Hood

November 2nd, 2018

Meet Zoe. She’s not a person but a 196-square-foot tiny home that lives in the Tiny House Village at Mt. Hood.

It’s a small neighborhood of tiny homes available for vacation rentals in Mt. Hood, which is outside the city of Portland.

“The Tiny House Village at Mt. Hood offers a unique way to experience the artistry and culinary vibe of Portland while surrounded by the nature of the Pacific Northwest,” the village’s website reads.

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“It’s just close enough to the heart of the city and just far enough to give you the escape you need. Built by Tumbleweed, these tiny homes are chock full of character and range from 175 to 260 square feet.”

There are about six tiny homes on site, all built by Tumbleweed, that cost up to $149 per night to rent.

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Zoe, however, is $139 per night.

The outside of this tiny home with wheels has cedar plank siding that’s painted blue with white trim.

The house sleeps three and has a full bathroom and a kitchen.

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“Zoe, a whimsy dreamer, marches to the beat of her own drum. She runs through fields barefoot and finds adventure in each and every day,” the village’s website says. “A true lover of nature, she believes a day spent outside is a day well spent.”

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“Zoe perfects the art of boho chic and exudes a sense of carefree happiness. She wears her hair down and lives without limit.”

The exterior of the home also includes beautiful landscaping and a picnic table to enjoy a meal.

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There’s also a walkway that leads to a shared space that includes a firepit with some nice Adirondack chairs so you can sit around the fire.

To enter the home you walk up a few steps and into a traditional looking door.

The interior space is tight but it really does have everything you need to enjoy the beautiful forests and bodies of water in Mt. Hood.

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When you walk in the door you’ll find a sitting space to the left that can accommodate one to two people.

There’s a TV attached to the wall for viewing.

Above the TV is a heating and cooling unit and there is some shelving above the sitting space.

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The kitchen is on the left side of the room.

It includes a full-sized sink, some counter space, and an electric stove.

Below those are lots of cabinet space. Across from this area is a table that can seat two.

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Behind the table is a staircase that leads up to the loft.

This is where the main bedroom is that has a pretty big bed in it and two windows for natural light. There’s also room for a tiny bedside stand.

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Across from the loft space is some storage space.

Below the loft is the bathroom and second bedroom.

The bathroom has a toilet, sink, and shower.

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To the left of the bathroom is a smaller bedroom. All this space can fit is the bed but there are two big windows for natural light. You can learn more about the Tiny House Village at Mt. Hood here.

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Source: Tiny House Village at Mt. Hood