Man shows the inside of his off-grid tiny home in the woods

September 2nd, 2020

Living in the city offers a lot of opportunities and experiences. However, despite those things, a lot of people there still feel “unfulfilled”.

Kris Harbour is a 31-year-old lift engineer who used to live in the city.

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He had almost everything there. He had a good job, two homes, and a busy social life.

Unfortunately, the city wasn’t enough to make him feel happy and fulfilled.

He shared:

“I had a fairly normal life in London. A normal day job where I’d get up, go to work, socialise on the weekends.

It was kind of unfulfilling and I felt like I didn’t have enough time to do all the different things I wanted to do.

I never had time to do them or I was too tired even if I did have time, and over the years it made me very unhappy.”

One day, as he was scrolling through e-Bay, he came across a land for sale.

It was an 18.5 acre plot of land located somewhere in South Wales. He figured it was what he was looking for.

So, he quit his job and sold his properties.

On his newly-bought land, he went to work. He used recycled and natural materials to build the cob-wood house. It took him around 1000 man-hours to finalize his new home.

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He shared:

“I think the building is made of about maybe 90% of either natural, recycled, or found materials. There is some foam installation that isn’t natural in the roof. Then just things like screws, some pipes and fittings and things like that.”

After the house was finished, he moved in and never looked back to living in the city.

That wasn’t surprising. According to Kris, although he was able to earn good money, everything just went. He had two mortgages, a car, bills, insurances, and tons of expenses.

Although he wasn’t earning as much now, he’s confident that he has more money now. Plus, there’s no need for him to worry about mortgages and bills.

He has everything he needs in his home.

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The house and his workshop are powered by hydro and solar power. He can cook, turn on the lights, and even connect to the internet even if he’s completely off-grid.

He takes care of chickens in his own yard.

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He feeds them a healthy amount of chicken feed every day. Sometimes, birds and bats visit and stay in his home but he doesn’t mind. He only fixes the holes the birds make when making their nests after they’ve moved away.

Kris has bigger plans for his home.

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He’s working on making it a fully sustainable home. He also aspires to make a bigger workshop and turn his home into a two-story house.

He’s carefully assessing his property so he can work on his dreams for it.

He said:

“I wanted to be able to live on this land for a number of years before I did major works like building another house because I wanted to see how the land reacted to different seasons.”

In the meantime, he’s quite happy with how things are.

He feels like he’s a hundred times richer now. He’s happier and more fulfilled than he was in the city. He spends his days creating new structures and maintaining the land. He can even surf off the Welsh coast.

And the best part?

He’s able to do those things without worrying about monthly bills.

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