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Make Your Own Photo Periscope For Just $10

October 3rd, 2018

There’s no denying that most photographers would love to be able to snap photos underwater. When you consider the price of a waterproof camera case, it’s no wonder more of them don’t. Photography is an expensive hobby. Even people who do it professionally don’t always make much money because they have to put so much back into their camera and gear.

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One man came up with a way to take photos underwater without having to buy expensive equipment or risking damaging your camera.

He created his own camera periscope that he can put into the water and take photos with. He said:

“The device worked a lot better than I thought it would and produced fairly decent videos and images. The device would work a lot better on higher resolution cameras as the crop won’t affect the image quality as much.”

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He also admitted in the video that there are a few things he could have done to make his own periscope better.

He suggested others try these things if they choose to make their own. He also explained how he only spent $10 to make the unique device.

“Also, if anyone else wants to make one, installing a circle light on the inside would be very useful. As for the cost of the device, I spent around $10, which is much cheaper than any commercial options on the market.”

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Not only is the video educational, it’s also humorous.

The man who made the periscope and video, Alex, has a YouTube channel where he makes a variety of things. All of his videos are entertaining and thorough. Not only do you learn how to make new things, but you will actually enjoy watching the video.

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To make the periscope, Alex used glue, a PVC pipe, a mirror, and cement.

He attached the mirror deep inside the elbow of the PVC pipe. The image reflects onto the mirror from under the water and is captured by the camera.

The video has been viewed thousands of times and received a lot of comments.

One user said:

“Your videos never cease to make me laugh. I’m so glad I stumbled across your first video on Imgur awhile back. You’re the only youtuber I just click and immediately like the video before watching.”

Another said:

“What an interesting video! thanks for sharing this great content with us! really enjoyed watching this.”

Thanks to his video, everyone is now motivated to make their own photography gear. After all, who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to take photos underwater? Another benefit of the periscope is that it can be placed into the water slowly and gently, so it won’t scare off any wildlife.

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You can use it to view tadpoles, fish, crabs, plants, and just about anything else that lives under the water.

It can take photos in clear water or murky water, but obviously, the quality of the photos will be reflected based on the clarity of the water.

Alex has many other videos on his channel that show people how to make other things. He has one that demonstrates how to make a supersonic nerf gun and even a book that throws cheese at whoever opens it. Another video shows him training Australia’s dangerous magpies.

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All of them are as hilarious as his video on making a periscope.

There might be some people who laugh at this idea and who prefer to go out and spend money on waterproof gear for their cameras. Most people would like to save money where possible, and if they can get the same photos with something for a fraction of the cost, they are going to try that first. This periscope is fun to make and even more fun to use. Try to make one yourself and share your photos to prove that it works.

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