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14 Handy DIY Tips To Keep Home Bug-Free This Winter

November 5th, 2018

Nobody likes to deal with pesky insects, but it seems like once they get inside your home, they are almost impossible to get out. When it starts to get cold outside, insects look for warm places to live. They are much more likely to go into your home in the late fall and winter. Here are some ways you can keep them out.

1. Screens

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Screens are your first protection against bugs. Bugs will try to fly in windows. If your windows are open and you don’t have screens in them, they will get in pretty easily. Screens allow air to flow through the window but keep the bugs out.

2. Seal Doors

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If your doors have any cracks or openings in them, it’s a good idea to seal them. Bugs can squeeze through even the smallest of openings. When they decide to make your home their home, they will do whatever they need to get inside. Make sure you seal your doors to prevent them from entering.

3. Trim Trees

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Insects usually live in or around trees. If you want to reduce the number of insects near your home, keep your trees trimmed. They won’t have as many places to hide or lay eggs, and you won’t have to deal with them in your home.

4. Clean Up Yard Debris

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If you have piles of leaves or wood lying around in your yard, you could be giving insects a reason to live there. Get rid of yard debris, and the insects will move on to find a new place to live. Be sure to watch for nests, as many insects will sting or bite if their homes are disturbed.

5. Fix Cracks

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If you have cracks around your home or foundation, insects could be entering your home through them. Seal them up to help keep these insects outside where they belong. Use concrete to fill in the cracks in your foundation and expanding foam in window and door gaps.

6. Clean Up Fruit Trees

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Insects eat fruit, and if you have fruit trees in your yard, it will attract them. They can then get in your home easily and turn it into their home. Trim back your fruit trees and remove any fallen fruit from the ground to avoid insect infestations.

7. Inspect Packages

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If you are getting packages in the mail, always check them before you bring them inside. Insects can crawl in the packaging while it’s sitting on your step or even while it’s in the shipping company’s warehouse. You may want to unwrap your package outside if you suspect there are insects inside it.

8. Clean Your Kitchen

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Insects are attracted to the smell of food. If you leave food out or have an unclean kitchen, they may be attracted to your home. Once they are inside, they can be impossible to get rid of. It’s better to stop them from getting inside than pay an exterminator to get rid of them.

9. Check Your Christmas Tree

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If you cut down your own Christmas tree or buy a real tree from a tree farm, be sure to check it for insects before you take it inside. Lots of insects live in trees, and once you bring the tree inside, they can travel from the branches to your home.

10. Don’t Put Your Shoes On The Floor

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When it gets cold outside, insects are looking for a warm place to live. If you don’t want to stick your foot in your boot to find a surprise, it’s a good idea to store your boots elsewhere. A shoe rack is a good option.

11. Keep Up With The Trash

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Bugs are attracted to rotting food. Keep your trash out of your home, and you won’t attract them inside. Use small trash bags, so you can take the trash out more often and have less waste in your home in general.

12. Check Around Pipes

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Insects will find any crack or hole that will lead them into your home. As it gets colder outside, they are attracted to the warmth of pipes. Check to make sure your pipes are sealed off, so insects can’t enter through or around them.

13. Reduce Moisture

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If there is moisture in your home, you will probably find insects, too. They love moist places because it helps them lay eggs and find food. If you have a moisture problem and don’t want an insect problem, take care of the damp areas.

14. Keep Firewood Away From House

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Firewood is the perfect place for insects to hide and live. If you keep firewood near your home, chances are, they will find their way inside. Be sure there are no insects on your wood as you bring it in your home, too.

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