Here’s what your indoor plants say about your personality and lifestyle

April 5th, 2021

Are you artsy? A bookworm? Wild? Messy? A neat-freak? A single person looking to add some life to your home? A mom with a funny husband, 2 kids and a dog?

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Whatever your personality or lifestyle, it would be easy to guess based on what plants you feel most drawn to have in your home whether you’ve pulled the trigger on getting them or not. Or if you’ve simply picked up what looks nice, your arrangement can tell a lot about your lifestyle!

Whether you’re a minimalist, highly creative or have a big family with a dog, take a look at the best plants and arrangments for you below.

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Here are a few tips to easily start your own indoor garden.

Why care about the arrangement?

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A garden is a great way to reduce stress and even increase your productivity, according to the American Society for Horticultural Science. And all you really need for an indoor garden is a few plants and a small area to put them in.

The arrangement you choose can really make your plants shine and breathe new life into your home.

One of the biggest considerations when finding the right plants for your indoor garden is matching them to your unique personality. It’s important to find plants that best fit “you” to ensure your garden space gives you just the right vibe.

The Minimalist

If you’re a minimalist, then chances are you don’t like clutter and chaotic energy. You can keep things simple with a few adjustments.

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As for arranging your plants, keeping everything close together makes caring for them much easier.

The best containers for plants for a minimalist include small pots, hanging pots, or even pots in stands — basically, anything that doesn’t take up too much space and makes plant care easier. For smaller plants, such as succulents, you could even use a terrarium.

Some of the best plants for a minimalist are ones that are easiest to care for and include the Swiss Cheese Plant, Bird of Paradise, Ficus, cactus or snake plant. Really you can choose any plant, but the key is to make your greenery pops of color rather than a luscious jungle. We’ll leave that to “The Creative.”

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Plants, such as the Swiss Cheese Plant and cactus require minimal water, but add the perfect light touch of greenery to the scene.

The Creative

If you are a creative person, then you probably prefer plants that spark a creative spirit within you, as well as help you stay focused.

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When looking for containers for these plants, use anything that inspires you. Some great outside-the-box planters include decorative pots, ladder planters, repurposed items, or hand-crafted pots.

To add a pop of individualistic creativity, consider hanging a few, as well as strategically placing them around your favorite relaxation spot in the house.

Some great plants for those creatives who like to think outside the box include the Fiddle Leaf Fig, the Magenta Triostar, the Dracaena Compacta, and the Chinese Money Plant. The Magenta Triostar has multicolored leaves that add a splash of color to any arrangement.

The family with kids and a dog

Work combined with active family life can keep you busy. But even with everything going on, you can still have an indoor garden to help you relax when you’re able to sneak in some “you” time.

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If you have kids and pets, you might think having an indoor garden is an accident waiting to happen. So, try this: Use pots and planters that are durable or won’t break when knocked over, such as containers made out of plastic, wood, or metal.

Plus, you can arrange your plants up high, such as in a hanging pot or sitting on a tall, stable shelf.

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The best plants to get if you have a family include a Jade plant, an Asparagus fern, or a spider plant. The spider plant, in particular, is easy to take care of and is non-toxic, making it perfect for families with children and pets.

And don’t forget, if you have a busy lifestyle, make sure to keep your plants properly watered. For that, there are some great auto-watering options to choose from, including watering spikes, water globes, and indoor drip watering systems.

There are some pretty easy and fascinating tips for choosing your next arrangement in the video below you won’t want to miss!

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