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15 Genius Ways To Use Cinder Blocks At Home

April 19th, 2018

The key to creating homey touches around the house might be cinder or concrete blocks. With a little creativity, you can use cinder blocks to improve your home indoors and outdoors.

Most of these projects don’t even require construction. Just a little time and inspiration.

Here are 15 genius ways to use cinder blocks:

1) Block Computer Desk

Building a desk couldn’t be easier with cinder blocks. Just lay something underneath it so it doesn’t scratch your floor. You can even paint your blocks a funky color.

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2) Block Night Stand

Who needs drawers? Cinder blocks have holes that are perfect for storing items. You can stack them or place two of the vertically with one on top of the two.

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3) Cinder Block Fence

Building a fence can be such a pain in the ass. But not if you use cinder blocks. Just stack place 4 x4’s in the block’s holes.

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4) Cinder Block Bar

Have you always wanted an outdoor bar? Well, you can stop dreaming and start doing. All it takes is stacking a few cinder blocks and cutting a piece of wood or use pallets for the bar top. Get the details here.

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5) Outdoor Louge Couch

Beautiful outdoor furniture is just a few cinder blocks away. All you need to do is stack them. You can even add an outdoor cushion for comfort. Learn more here.

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6) Outdoor Planter Wall

There are so many different designs for turning cinder blocks into a garden wall. Just stack them in different ways. Then fill their holes with soil or gravel and plants.

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7) Low Bed Frame

Need a sturdy and firm bed frame? It doesn’t get firmer than using cinder blocks. Just lay them down and pop your mattress on top. Use glue rubber or felt to the bottom so it doesn’t scratch the floor and paint them to match your decor.

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Improvised Life Source: Improvised Life

8) Cinder Block Birdhouse

Tired of your bird feeder getting knocked over by squirrels or the wind? Make one out of cinder blocks. Get the instructions here.

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Lowe's Source: Lowe's

9) Vase of Floral Centerpiece

Use cinder blocks to create an inexpensive centerpiece or vase. Just fill the holes with flowers. They offer a really cool industrial look.

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10) Patio Block Bench

Stack some cinder blocks and place wooden 4x4s through the top hole of the blocks. This will serve the bench top. You can add a cushion for comfort if you’d like.

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Lena Sekine Source: Lena Sekine

11) Outdoor Lighting Display

Help keep the bugs away and give your backyard a little light. Just lay and stack your cinder blocks in the design of your choice. Place citronella candles inside the holes.

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The Horticult Source: The Horticult

12) Cinder Block Fire Pit

Wouldn’t having a fire pit in your backyard be great? They are so easy to make with cinder blocks. Learn how to make one in the tutorial below.

Source: Sweet House

13) Cinder Block BBQ Grill

You don’t have to buy an expensive grill to be able to barbecue. Use cinder blocks to create this awesome grill. Learn how to build one here.

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DIY How To Source: DIY How To

14) Book Shelf

If you are a book lover, you’ll need a big bookcase. You can make a really nice one with some cinder blocks. I love the look of this!

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15) Block Entertainment Center

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Can’t find an entertainment center that quite right for your space? Make a customized one with cinder blocks. You’d spend hundreds paying for a customized one from a store.

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