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15 Hacks To Create The Most Delicious Smoothies Of All Time

October 10th, 2018

Nothing is more refreshing and energizing than a nice smoothie. But buying smoothies from your favorite juice bar can get costly.

Making your own is easy.

But they don’t always come out as good as they do when they come from the smoothie shop. That’s only because you don’t know the tricks to make the perfect smoothie.

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Here Are 15 Hacks To Create The Most Delicious Smoothies Of All Time:

1) Texture Is King

Texture is everything when it comes to making a good smoothie. It’s a smoothie, so obviously, you want it to be smooth. Using coconut milk or a nut butter helps with this.

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2) Make It Creamy

When it comes to texture, you also want your smoothie to be creamy. You can add some unrefined coconut oil to help cream up your smoothie. This helps big time when you’re making green smoothies that don’t have much creaminess to it.

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3) Make Your Smoothie Sans Ice

Putting ice in your smoothie can water it down and change the texture. A better alternative is freezing your fruit. You might also want to freeze your milk base.

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4) Make It Thicker

No one likes a watery smoothie. Banana makes a great thickening agent. It also acts as a great sweetener.

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5) Add Bulk

Are you eating a smoothie as a meal? Bulk up your smoothie to make it more filling. You can do this by adding oats, peanut butter (or other nut butters), and some banana.

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6) Add Texture Variation

It’s nice to have a little variety in your smoothie. Add some texture by sprinkling some chia seeds on top of your smoothie. Chia seeds are also packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants.

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7) Pre-Prep Your Smoothies

Make your morning smoothie super quickly. Cut up your fruits and other smoothie ingredients and freeze them in a mason jar. This way you can just pour out your jar into a blender and have your smoothie instantly.

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8) Know Your Blender

To make the perfect smoothie, you’ll need the perfect blender. But different blenders do different things. Figure out what blender is best for you by checking this guide here.

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9) Make Your Smoothie Do Double Duty

Smoothies are a delicious treat. But they can also be a means of getting in all your daily vegetables and fruits. Find some great vegetable smoothies here. You can find more nutrient filled smoothie recipes here.

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10) Add Sweetness and Spice

Smoothies should not taste bland. You can add some flavor to your smoothies with spices and sweeteners. Use some vanilla extract, cinnamon, or agave to achieve this.

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11) Add Some Zest

Is your smoothie lacking a bit? Boost the flavor with some citrus zest. If you don’t have a zester or grater you can use a peeler on an orange, lime, or a lemon.

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12) Boost Your Protein

If you’re going to be eating your smoothie as a meal you’ll want to make sure there is lots of protein in it. There are lots of protein powders you can use to boost your protein content. You can even find vegan or dairy-free ones.

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13) Smoothie Magic Ingredient

Greek yogurt is the magic ingredient for your smoothie. It makes your smoothie everything you want it to be. It will make your smoothie nice and smoothie, creamy, and will thicken it up.

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14) Tiny Ice Cubs

If you like your smoothies colder, you can add some ice. It’s best to use tiny ice cubes though. So, you’ll want to invest in a tiny ice cube tray.

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15) Thin It Out

Is your smoothie too thick to sip through a straw? Try thinning it out with coconut water. It will also add some sweetness and electrolytes.

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