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11 Genius Ways To Reuse Banana Peels

June 26th, 2018

Next time you’re about to throw your banana peels into the trash, hold off. Banana peels are actually quite useful in everyday life and can be used for amazing things around the house and for self-care. You can use “banana skins” to clean around the house, implement them into your beauty regimen, use them in the garden to remove garden pests, or even use them to help remove warts!

Check out these fabulous uses for banana peels that you can implement at home.

Minimize Bruises

Got an unsightly black and blue bruise that you want to go away? Just run a banana peel across the bruise to reduce its size and coloring. By leaving the peel on overnight, you’ll get faster and more profound results.

Use With Compost

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If you use compost as a soil fertilizer in your yard or garden, use banana peels in the compost. The peels break down easily, so just add them into the mix.

Remove Warts

Using the inside of a banana peel helps to reduce unsightly warts. Just cut off a small area of the peel, tape it over the wart, and let it sit and work its magic. Do this once a day to get the rest results.

Polish Your Silver

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Make your silver look like new by rubbing it with a banana peel. How does this work? Fruit acids actually help to remove muck from the silver’s surface, leaving it sparkling clean. So no more expensive polish solutions. All you need is one banana.

Minimize Wrinkles

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Vitamin C and antioxidants can help minimize wrinkles over the long term. Just rub the inside of the banana peel over your face and neck regularly. This helps improve circulation, as well as aids the production of collagen.

Ward Off Acne

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Step to Health Source: Step to Health

Banana peels actually help prevent and fight acne. The peels contain lutein and other beneficial vitamins that help fight breakouts. Rub the peel over your face and neck, or allow it to set overnight for even better results.

Tenderize Meat

Want to keep your meat tender and flavorful? No, you don’t need extra spices. Just add one or two banana peels into your dish as it cooks. This added step allows you to make sure the meat doesn’t dry out while it cooks.

Whiten Your Teeth

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Professional teeth-whitening kits can get expensive. Instead, rub your teeth with the inside part of the peel from a ripe banana. The potassium in the peel should help reduce yellow teeth stains.

Add to Vinegar Recipe

Banana peels can add a refreshing taste to your vinegar recipe. The sweet undertone imparted by the banana flavoring will make it stand out from ordinary vinegar.

Treat Mosquito bites

Don’t let pesky mosquitoes get the better of you. Just rub the inside of a banana peel on the bite. This helps reduce itching and inflamed mosquito bites.

Shine Shoes

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Yep! Banana peels can even be used to shine your shoes. So you don’t need to buy expensive shoe polish anymore. Just whip out a banana peel, and rub it on the shoe surface for a beautiful shine.

Using the above tips to make good use of old banana peels not only helps recycle and make the Earth a greener place, it also makes a big difference in your own self-care, from helping to whiten teeth to reducing wrinkles and acne.

Source: Remedy Daily