15 Seriously Kick Ass DIY Lamps

April 27th, 2018

Lamps can make really amazing accent pieces in your home. But finding the perfect one without spending a lot of money can be quite the task. Sometimes you’re just better off making one on your own.

Here Are Exquisite DIY Lamps You Can Make Yourself:

1) Ombre Glass Lamp

Isn’t this just beautiful?!? It was dyed with hair dye. You can find all the details on how to make one here.

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Paper Buttons Source: Paper Buttons

2) Crankshaft Manly Lamp

If you’re not into delicate looking things, this lamp is perfect. It was made from a crankshaft. Learn how to make it here.

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Art of Manliness Source: Art of Manliness

3) Recycled Tetra Box Lamp

This lamp was made from a cardboard milk box. Not only does it look exquisite on its own but it casts an amazing pattern. Learn how to make it here.

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Handimania Source: Handimania

4) Old Glass Bottle Lamp

This lamp is clear and simple and offers a cute country look. You’ll just need a diamond tip drill bit if you want to keep the cord inside the bottle. The DIY instructions can be found here.

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hopes & dreams Source: hopes & dreams

5) Anthropologie Inspired Pipe Lamp

This lamp was inspired by a $2,800 Anthropologie lamp. But a blogger made her own for less than $100. You’ll find the instructions here.

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nellie bellie Source: nellie bellie

6) Natural Driftwood Lamp

If your home has a natural look, this driftwood lamp would go perfectly. Once you have the parts to make it, it’s a pretty easy task. You’d pay a few hundred dollars for a small one but you can learn how to make this large one here.

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ID Lights Source: ID Lights

7) Geometric Shaped Lamp

This lamp is downright funky and pretty easy to make. All it takes is some craft wood and you can paint it any funky color you want. You’ll find the tutorial here.

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Better When Built Source: Better When Built

8) Stack Of Books Lamp

Are you the bookish type? Then you’ll absolutely love this project. You can find the directions here.

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9) Concrete Fairy Light Lamp

These lamps are super cool looking. You just have to be comfortable playing with concrete. Find the instructions on how to create one here.

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Hometalk Source: Hometalk

10) Decoupage Map Lamp

You can decoupage anything to a lamp, but maps look really cool on a lamp. And this is super easy since you’re not constructing the lamp, just the shade. Instructions are here.

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Pretty Handy Girl Source: Pretty Handy Girl

11) Tree Stump Lamp

Now, this is cool and is something I’ve never seen before. And the design is super simple. You’ll find a tutorial here.

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ID Lights Source: ID Lights

12) Tree Slice Lamp

This is another natural looking piece. You just slice up a piece of a log an insert a base and light through the middle. You can find instructions on how to make it here.

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ID Lights Source: ID Lights

13) Poured Paint Bottle Lamp

Have you been searching for the perfect colored lamp? Get an old bottle and pour your favorite colored paint in it. Get the details here.

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One Dog Woof Source: One Dog Woof

14) Metal Lantern Lamp

This lamp gives you a super old school lamp. It’s the Edison light bulb that does it. Learn how to make it here.

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Lovely Etc. Source: Lovely Etc.

15) Terrarium Sand Lamp

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Craft Bits Source: Craft Bits

This lamp really gives you something to look at and is a great focal piece. Just fill a glass container with some sand and succulents. You can find the rest of the details here.

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Source: DIY Craftsy