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Here Are 10 Ways To Make Your Home Less Dusty

May 1st, 2018

Making sure your house is dust-free not only makes your house look fresh and clean, it also helps keep your allergies in check. Take a look at these top tips for reducing the dust in your home.

Use a Humidifier

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A dry home is usually a dusty home. The dryer the air, the bigger the chance for dry skin, fabrics, and plants, all major producers of dust. A humidifier is just one way to get needed moisture into the air in your home.

Opt for Hardwood, Tile, and Linoleum Floors Instead

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While not as soft as carpeting, hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors are way easier to clean. In addition, thick carpeting typically holds dust which releases when you walk on it. If you have to buy a rug, aim for thin area rugs to keep the amount of dust down.

Wash Bed Linens Frequently

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As we sleep at night your body sheds skin, creating dust. Unfortunately, dust mites love these conditions. Wash your bed linens frequently to prevent this dust buildup, including your pillows and blankets.

Change Your Home’s Filters

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If you live in a home with a forced-air HVAC system make sure to change out the filters monthly. You can find most filters in the hallway or another room of your home. Just open the air return grill and replace the filter found behind it.

Brush Your Pet’s Fur Outside

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Grooming your pets outside can help reduce the amount of dust in your home. In addition to fur, brushing your pet can also release dead skin, a big contributor to dust build-up. When grooming your pet outside, make sure to close any windows through which any fur might blow into your home.

Reduce Clutter in Your Home

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Clutter in your home provides many nooks and crannies for dust to settle in, making it hard to get it all when cleaning. To avoid this, keep clutter to a minimum. If you must have knick knacks on display, pick a location to display them and rotate what you do display to cut down on the amount of clutter.

Clean Blinds and Shades Frequently

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A prime spot for dust is on the blinds and shades in your home. Blinds especially provide a vertical surface for dust to settle on. When cleaning your house, make sure to hit these problem areas with a dusting rag or feather duster.

Check Your Vacuum

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You should also check and clean your vacuum’s dust filter frequently. A vacuum full of dust can release it back into the air where it settles back onto the surfaces in your home. In addition, clean out the dust collection chamber or replace the bag if needed.

Clean Your Home’s Dust Vents

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The various vents in your home, such as those in the bathroom, can collect a lot of dust over time. Clean them using a damp cloth regularly, or remove them if possible and place them in the dishwasher. Alternatively, you can vacuum them. Just make sure to clean your vacuum as needed.

Use Welcome Mats Inside and Out

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Placing mats inside, as well as outside, is a great way to prevent dirt from getting inside your home. You also need to shake them out occasionally. But make sure to do so away from any open windows.

Dusting your home might seem like a never-ending battle. Luckily, keeping the dust in your home to a minimum is easy when you follow the above tips.

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