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Feeling Tired Or Stressed? Keep A ‘Self-Care Kit’ On Hand – Here’s What To Put In It

June 8th, 2018

Most of us spend a lot of time putting others before ourselves and taking care of the people we love. Sometimes, we fail to take care of ourselves. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself now and then. One of the best ways to do that is with a DIY self-care kit.

A self-care kit is made up of all the things that make you happy or are therapeutic. The kit may be different for everyone, and the best part about these kits is that you can make them fit your needs and favorite hobbies.

You can also make them as gifts, but before you do that, enjoy your own. Here are some ideas to make your kit. They are inspired by the five senses.

Sight Kits

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The sight kit will allow you to keep your mind busy and focus your eyes. These kids can include coloring books, stencils, colored pencils, markers, drawing pads, and more. Since you also use your eyes to read, you can toss in a few of your favorite books, too.

Scent Kits

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Sometimes, smells can help you relax and take your back to a special memory. When you create a kit that is focused on your sense of smell, you should include candles, lotions, perfume, room spray, incense, and potpourri. Be sure to include soothing smells and some that you like the best.

Touch Kits

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Touch is one of the most calming senses we have, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it to help you stay motivated and rested. Put a few pairs of soft socks in your kit and add a nightgown or a pair of pajama pants. Add a pillow or stuffed animals and even a stress ball or some bubble wrap.

Taste Kits

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Even if you don’t have a favorite comfort food, you can still find snacks that you love and just hit the spot. Those cravings you have shouldn’t be ignored. When it comes to creating a tasting kit, you can add anything you want. Choose something salty, something sweet, and something savory, or go with a theme, such as a candy bar kit or an ice cream sundae kit.

Sound Kits

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The sounds you hear can change your mood drastically, so If you are trying to create a sound kit that will help calm and soothe you, be sure to choose songs and melodies that are gentle and soft. You can add things like music boxes, CDs with the sounds of nature or the ocean, or an MP3 player with tracks of your favorite songs. Just kick back and let the music change your mood.

If you aren’t into exploring the five senses and how they affect your mood and health, you can just stick to self-care kits that meet your need or hobbies. Here are a few more ideas to consider.

Gardening Kits

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1800 Baskets Source: 1800 Baskets

Gardening can be calming and relaxing. Simply add some seed packets, small pots, gardening gloves, plant bulbs, and a watering can to a basket, and you have the perfect little gardening kit. Anytime you feel stressed, grab it and go to work.

Movie Kits

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Some people prefer to get lost in a movie to deal with the stress of their daily lives. Find a few of your favorite movies and snacks and create a movie kit that will keep your mind busy and keep you entertained, as well.

Kid Kits

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Kids get tired and stressed, too, and sometimes, they just need to unwind. Make a kit for your kids by adding things like coloring books, snacks, books, stuffed animals, blankets, blocks, puzzles, and even joke books. Give your kids a break from their electronics and let them have some fun enjoying being kids. They won’t realize how much you are helping them, but it will be obvious to you.

When it comes to making the right self-care kits, only you know what you like. There is no wrong way to make one. The more thought you put into it, the more you will enjoy it when it comes time to use it. Get creative and make a kit to fit your needs.

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