It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. Here's The Most Wonderful DIY Ways To Decorate For It

December 5th, 2017

The holiday season is upon us which means it’s time to decorate and make our homes look festive. But the best decorations to have are ones that are handmade. These are often the ones that we’ll cherish forever.

Here are 15 of our favorite DIY holiday decorations that don’t look like you made them yourself:

1) Faux Fireplace

If you’d like to hang your stockings by the chimney with care, but you don’t have a fireplace and chimney your can fake one with this DIY project below. Get the how-to instructions here.

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2) Branch Tree

Put a Christmas tree in the tiniest rooms of your home with this adorable branch tree idea. Just paint a branch white, place it in a glass vase or bottle and hang a few ornaments from it. Learn more here.

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The Lovely Drawer Source: The Lovely Drawer

3) Photo Ornament

These ornaments are simple to make and look so beautiful. Take your favorite picture and print it out. You can Photoshop words or a date on it if you like. Then ModPodge it to a piece of wood or cardboard that has a hole at the top to tie a string through. Find out how they made the one below here.

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Simple As That Source: Simple As That

4) Floral Snowman

This beautiful centerpiece was crafted from silk carnations and some foam spheres. Get the full instructions on how to make it here.

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5) Reindeer Garland

All you need is some twine, card stock paper, and a scissor for this one. You can use some glitter or rhinestones if you want to make it fancy. They the printouts and instructions here.

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The Proper Blog Source: The Proper Blog

6) Sparkling Stars

You can hang these all over your home for a stunning stellar display. All you need is some glitter, foam balls, spray paint, ribbons, glue, and a lot of glitter. Just push whole and halved toothpicks into your foam ball so it looks like your spikes are different lengths. Spray it with spray paint and douse it in glitter while it’s still wet. Once it dries you can attach a string with a hot glue gun.

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Eric Lapresto Source: Eric Lapresto

7) Party Plates

Turn any dish or plate into a festive focal point by cutting out a piece of wrapping paper and placing it on your serving plate. Just don’t put anything moist on top of it.

8) Mini Spoon Tree

You can craft a mini tree from plastic spoons by gluing them together and spray painting them. You can use the same method with forks or ribbon. Learn how here.

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Lancaster Online Source: Lancaster Online

9) Chair Decorations

Spruce up your chairs by tying a ribbon to it and gluing a pinecone, some greenery, berries or other embellishments to it.

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Layla Palmer Source: Layla Palmer

10) Ornament Lantern or Vase

You can fill an empty lantern or vase with ornaments form the $1 store to create a festive look.

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Dimples & Tangles Source: Dimples & Tangles

11) Bow Tie Glitter Garland

You can make some pretty garland by covering bow tie pasta in glue, dousing it with glitter, and tied some matching string to them. If you want your garland to be red or green you’ll have to paint your pasta pieces first. Learn how here.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

12) Broken CD Ornament

Get an old scratched up CD and smash it into pieces. Then glue the broken pieces to $1 store ball ornaments. Learn how here.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

13) Fancy Holiday Menu

Find a nice vintage looking frame and paint it gold or silver. Use chalk board paint to cover the cardboard backing piece. You can write your holiday menu on it with some chalk. You can find the tutorial here.

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Marian Parson Source: Marian Parson

14) Neutral Toned Wreath

This simple look was achieved by wrapping and gluing some burlap ribbon to a foam ring and adorning it with some greenery, pinecones, and a rhinestone snowflake. Learn how it was done here.

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Love Of Family Source: Love Of Family

15) Illuminated Garland

You can easily buy some string lights for a few bucks as well as some pieces of burlap to create this beautiful piece. You can find the tutorial here.

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Create Craft Love Source: Create Craft Love

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