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9 Tricks That Will Keep Your House Cool

June 26th, 2018

Stuck at home without proper air conditioning? About to melt away from the stifling heat inside your house? If you’re trying to beat the heat with a few floor fans and a couple of open windows, you may need some additional help to stay cool when the sun’s at its peak.

Try a few of these quick and inexpensive tips to help you beat the heat at home this summer.

Bucket A/C

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Cool off this summer by creating your own air conditioning unit using a 5-gallon bucket. You’ll need to gather the bucket, a Styrofoam liner, some PVC pipe, a small fan, and some ice to get started. Learn more at TipHero.

Desk Fan and Ice

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This DIY air conditioner will cool your room down in no time. Just plug up a desk fan and place a bowl of ice cubes or an ice block in front of the fan, and voilà! It’s chill town without even leaving the house for DIY supplies.

Styrofoam Unit

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You’ll only need $8 to turn your Styrofoam cooler into an inventive home air conditioning unit to cool you off on a hot day, according to TipHero. Once you assemble a few supplies and some basic tools, you’ll be ready to build a DIY A/C.

Freeze Your Sheets

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Yep! This tip is super basic, yet effective. Stick your sheets and pillowcases in the freezer before you go to sleep for the night. Leave them in for about an hour. Take them out, and then it’s on to dreamland on super cool sheets.

Bottle A/C

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Use a few of your old plastic soda and water bottles to create a DIY air conditioner. You’ll need a couple of 16- or 20-ounce plastic bottles, a fan, a thin metal wire, some ice cubes, and some basic tools. Tip Hero explains the simple process here.

Fan, Copper, and Ice

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With a little help, your box fan will crank up the cool. You’ll need a few materials first, including a box fan, two copper coils, some basic tools, and a compression unit. Find the full DIY materials and instructions here to make your own home A/C.

Ceiling Fan

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I wish I had known about this nifty trick long ago. If you reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to counterclockwise, the hot air will actually flow upward instead of downward. This should significantly cool down the area directly under the fan.


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Certain plants can actually cool down a room naturally, including aloe, ferns, Ficus trees, and baby rubber trees. Check out this list of plants that will cool down your room and the amazing ways they do it.

Cooler A/C

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You can convert a plastic cooler into an A/C unit to cool off at home. First, get together either a Styrofoam or hard-sided cooler, some PVC pipe, a small fan, and some ice. Then follow these instructions for a quick and easy DIY cooler.

If you’re stuck at home without air conditioning this summer, there’s no need to be hot and miserable. Try one of the above DIY projects and build your own A/C in no time. Your spouse or kids will thank you!

Source: TipHero