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9 Laundry Hacks That You Can Thank Us Later For

November 29th, 2018

Let’s face it. Doing laundry isn’t the most fun task. That’s why it’s so great to know a few tricks that will make the process go a lot smoother.

These laundry hacks will help you to get rid of tough stains, keep your colors bright and so much more.

Here Are 9 Laundry Hacks That You Can Thank Us Later For:

1) Know Your Laundry Schedule

Washing your laundry too often or not often enough can damage your clothes and wear them out. So it’s important to know your laundry schedule. Check out the one below.

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2) Dry Clothes Quicker

Is the shirt you want to wear tonight still damp in the dryer? Toss in a clean dry white towel into the dryer. The towel will suck up the moisture and should cut the drying time in half.

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3) Get Rid Of The Bulk

Seeing a lot of clutter and bulky items can make us nervous and deter us from doing laundry when we have a messy laundry room. A way to cut down on laundry room clutter is to ditch the giant detergent bottles. Use wall mounted dispensers to ensure that your detergent won’t spill and your laundry room will look neat and organized.

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4) Cool Your Jeans

Your freezer is the key to making your jeans last. Washing your jeans after every wear makes them fade and weakens the fabric. Place them in the freezer overnight after you’ve worn them to get rid of odors and bacteria so you can wash them less often.

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5) Hand Sanitizer For Ink Stains

Sometimes throwing an ink-stained piece of clothing into the wash can make the stain spread. It’s best to treat the stain first. Rub some hand sanitizer on the stain and let it soak for 10 minutes before you toss it in the washing machine.

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The Pinteresting Truth Source: The Pinteresting Truth

6) Refreshing Spray

Want your clothes to still smell fresh after a few wears? Make a refreshing spray with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 cup of water. Spray your garment all over and let it hang dry.

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Mom 4 Real Source: Mom 4 Real

7) Mobile Laundry Station

If doing your laundry is more convenient, then you’ll won’t moan and groan when it’s time to do laundry. Make yourself a mobile laundry station so everything you need to do laundry is in one convenient space. Get details on how to make one here.

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Hoosier Homemade Source: Hoosier Homemade

8) Get Rid Of The Musty Smell

If you leave your wet laundry in the washing machine too long it can smell really musty. And sometimes that smell can be really hard to get out. Drop a few drops of lemon essential to your laundry and run the rinse cycle again to get rid of the clothes without having to re-wash the clothes again.

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9) Change Collection

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One good thing about doing laundry is finding forgotten money in pockets. Because finders keepers. But it’s important to check pockets before you toss in the laundry so that your machine doesn’t get damaged. Keep a receptacle for loose change and other pocket finds.

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