These 6 DIY Rope Decor Projects Are Stylish, Affordable, And Surprisingly Easy To Make

April 24th, 2018

Got a bunch of old rope lying around? Need some new home décor?

There are plenty of unique items you can make with rope and twine. You can upcycle things, create crafts, and decorate your home with a few spools of rope and a little artistic work. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


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If you like to entertain guests outside or if you just want a comfortable place to sit in the yard with your family, some ottomans could be a good option. Don’t buy expensive outdoor seating from your local home improvement store; make your own.

Simply take some old tires, clean them up, and start wrapping them in rope. When you are done, you will have some ottomans that can handle the outdoor weather and your lifestyle.


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Who couldn’t use more storage in their home? You could buy expensive rope baskets from your local craft or home décor store, or you could take some cheap baskets you can buy from the dollar store and make them look just as good.

Use some hot glue to attach the end of the rope and start wrapping it around the basket. When you are finished, glue the other end in place, and you have a cute basket that will hold all your clutter.


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Tired of staring at your boring old pots and planters? Dress them up a little bit with some rope.

Glue the end of the rope on a starting point and wrap the rope to cover the pot. You can use different colored ropes to make different designs and patterns on different pots. You can use these rope pots indoors and outdoors.


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Need a durable but stylish placemat for your table? Use a piece of thick rope and coil it around itself to create a flat circle.

You may need to add some glue to the beginning and every few wraps to keep it from unraveling. Be sure to secure the end of the rope when you are finished to hold it all together. These also make great trivets.


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Off For The Season Source: Off For The Season

If you have an old mirror that you like but want to update, some rope can do the trick. Just add some glue to the mirror and start wrapping the rope around it.

You can follow the pattern of the mirror to create a stunning piece of art that will look great on your wall and give you a good reason to keep your favorite mirror for a little longer.


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If you need to add a few accent pieces to your tables or shelves, some rope vases can be an affordable and stylish option. Use glue to secure the end of the rope at the bottom of the base and carefully wrap it to the top. Secure with more glue, and you have an interesting vase that is sure to draw attention. It’s a great way to make use of the boring vases under your sink and give your home a fun new look.

Rope is easy to find in most craft stores and home improvement stores.

You can use it to update a lot of décor that you already have or use it to make new pieces that you are sure to love. Don’t be afraid to get crafty and come up with new ways to use rope to make your home look better.

The best thing about rope is that it is versatile and has a lot of uses. You won’t regret keeping a couple spools in your home for craft projects and home improvement projects.

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