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5 Cleaning Chores You Can Skip And 5 You Shouldn't Ignore

August 7th, 2018

Keeping a clean house is important just in case company drops by. If you have a large family that lives close by, you usually have no way of knowing when somebody might come over. Plus, keeping your house clean throughout the week makes it a lot easier to clean it up when you do expect company.

The bigger question is, can you skip some of your normal cleaning tasks during the week? The answer is a resounding yes. Here are some of the cleaning tasks you should do every week, if not every day. Also included are tasks that you don’t have to necessarily do right away and can wait until you have more time.

Do Pick Up Your Dirty Clothes

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Whether you are expecting company or not, you should always pick up your dirty clothes each day and place them in a basket or hamper. Not only does this make it easier to simply throw them in the washing machine, it also gives bugs fewer areas to hide in and helps keep them out of your home.

Do Vacuum the Floor

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Vacuuming on a regular basis can help keep your carpeting clean. Light vacuuming is easy to perform and doesn’t require you to move any heavy furniture. You can save the harder task of vacuuming under the bed, couch, or other furniture for the weekend or when you have more time.

Do the Dishes

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While it might seem like an endless cycle, you should do the dishes every day. Not only does this get rid of the smell that sometimes accompanies a pile of dirty dishes, it also helps keeps your kitchen clean and free of bugs. Plus, if you wash your dishes regularly and put them away, you don’t have to hunt around for a dish when you need it.

Do Wipe the Countertops

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Wiping your kitchen countertops on a daily basis is a great way to keep your kitchen clean. In addition, leaving crumbs and spills on your countertops can attract bugs and can actually leave your kitchen looking dirtier than it actually is.

Do Make the Bed

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Making your bed each morning helps to make your room look much neater. It doesn’t even take a lot of effort, as you simply need to straighten out your sheets, blankets, and pillows and tuck them in. You should also wash your sheets every one to two weeks to keep them smelling fresh.

Skip Washing the Windows

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Washing your windows is not something you need to do all of the time. Waiting to clean them until the spring is perfectly fine. That doesn’t mean you can’t clean them if you notice them becoming dirty, regardless of the time of year.

Skip Dusting

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Unless you have piles of dust on your surfaces, you can skip dusting if you need to. You can even limit dusting to just once a month if you use the right type of spray, such as one that helps repel dust from surfaces.

Skip Doing the Laundry

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Instead of constantly washing laundry, try doing it once a week. You can even set up an official laundry day so that everyone in your household knows when to have their laundry ready for washing. Make sure everyone keeps their laundry picked up, though, to cut down on clutter and bugs.

Skip Cleaning the Tub or Shower

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Unless you have family or friends coming over to stay for a few days, skip cleaning the tub or shower. More than likely they won’t even see it, especially if you close the shower curtain before they arrive. Of course, if the shower or tub is really dirty, or worse, smelly, then by all means clean it.

Skip Mopping

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Unless you have really dirty floors, then you can skip mopping. You should sweep them, though, to remove any dirt or debris and to make your home look neater. If you have hardwood floors, then you can simply run a dust mop over them for easy cleaning.

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