Sometimes, the most boring things can be used to make other things look more special. You probably have a lot of thumbtacks lying around your home or office. You might use them to pin memos to your bulletin board or leave notes for your family. Did you know they have a lot of other uses, as well?

Thumbtacks have come a long way from the ugly brass nails they once were. They are available in a variety of colors and with different styles of heads. There are thumbtacks to match almost any theme you can think of.

While their looks have changed, they are still affordable and easy to find. You can even order thumbtacks online. If you get creative, you can find a lot of unique uses for these ordinary objects.

These projects all use thumbtacks to take things to do the next level. You can find crafts for your home, projects for your business, and even ways to update other things in your home with thumbtacks. Here are 35 interesting ways to use thumbtacks in your home.