Whether you’re a crafter or not, you’ve probably been in a Hobby Lobby before. No matter what you’re into, it’s an interesting place to shop. There are thousands of items, ranging from fabric to home decor, party decorations, knick-knacks, and crafting supplies, plus more.

With the huge range of products that it carries, it’s no wonder the chain has a dedicated fanbase. But even these people have different reasons for loving Hobby Lobby. Some might go to get art supplies, while perhaps others enjoy the sewing materials, home decor, or holiday items.

Unfortunately, these kinds of materials don’t run cheap. But there’s good news — there are tons of hacks and tricks you can use to cut the costs, no matter what project, hobby, or redecorating you undertake!

Every chain has its tricks, whether it’s shopping at a certain time to catch the best deals or stacking coupons. Hobby Lobby is no different. These 26 tips, tricks, and hacks will help you get all the crafting products you need for a fraction of the original price. Or they’ll point you in the right direction for finding the best products and knowing when to shop. So, grab your felt-tip pens and make some notes for your next trip.