Brighten Up Your Home With 20 Spring DIY Projects

February 20th, 2018

Cold months are about to be a distant memory as we slowly make our way into Spring. The days will get longer, and the flowers will start to bloom – it’s a pretty magical season. Why not have your home feel just as magical too?

These 20 DIY projects are perfect for transforming your home into a bright, welcoming, and rejuvenated retreat.

Spring is the ideal season for giving your home a little facelift.

1. Colander Hanging Planter

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Brian Woodcock via Country Living Source: Brian Woodcock via Country Living

Forget regular flower pots, use a colander instead! Bright colorful colanders are perfect for transforming into a hanging flower pot because the holes allow drainage after you water the plants or flowers. Get the full tutorial here.

2. Colorful Bird Feeder

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Brian Woodcock via Country Living Source: Brian Woodcock via Country Living

Enjoy watching birds as you sip iced tea in your backyard with this brightly colored piece of decor. All you’ll need are some saucers and a dish in the colors of your choice, along with a few other pieces of hardware. CountryLiving has the full tutorial.

3. DIY Floral Sign

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A Beautiful Mess Source: A Beautiful Mess

Don’t let this vividly gorgeous floral sign intimidate you. When it comes down to it – it only requires five pieces of material, including a lot of faux flowers. A Beautiful Mess has the step-by-step instructions on how to create this masterpiece.

4. Matte Painted Mason Jars

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It All Started With Paint Source: It All Started With Paint

Instantly add a pop of color to your living room or kitchen with these simple, distressed, painted Mason jars. It All Started With Paint has the tutorial and suggestions on which paint works best.

5. Wine Bottle Succulent Garden

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Popular DIY Ideas Source: Popular DIY Ideas

Save your wine bottles and corks to create these gorgeous DIY succulent gardens. These are perfect for a centerpiece on your indoor or outdoor dining table. Of course, you’ll need to be extra careful when you cut the glass.

6. Flower Chandelier

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The Sweet Occasion Source: The Sweet Occasion

Spring is the time for farmer’s markets! Local markets are a great place to take advantage of all the springtime blooms. Hang this beautiful piece over your entryway or dining table to welcome in the warmer months. Find the tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion.

7. DIY Patterned Pavers

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Country Living Source: Country Living

Concrete patio stones are so boring. Liven them up with a pattern by using stencils and some weather-proof paint. Country Living has really easy step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

8. Mini-Flower Vases

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Creme de la Craft Source: Creme de la Craft

Upcycle old nail polish bottles to make mini-vases for flower buds. These are so perfect for decorating a window sill or lining a bookcase. Spring is the best time to bring a little bit of nature inside. Need instructions? Head to the Creme de la Craft website.

9. Plaster Flower Votive Holders

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Design Mom Source: Design Mom

Have you ever plastered a flower before? Well, you need to head to the craft store right now. They are beautiful, dreamlike, and dainty. Plus, they make gorgeous votive candle holders. Design Mom has the full tutorial.

10. Mossy Door Hanger

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Vicky Barone Source: Vicky Barone

Greet your guests with this mossy spring-themed door hanger. It’s super cute and all you’ll need are six pieces of material. Vicky Barone’s blog explains how to make it with just a few steps.

11. DIY Floating Floral Arrangement

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A Beautiful Mess Source: A Beautiful Mess

Flowers are an obvious choice when it comes to decorating your house for spring, but instead of just placing them in a vase, get creative! Make a gorgeous floating arrangement for your centerpiece with fresh flowers of your choice, a bowl, and some water – but, there are more details here.

12. Trellis Headboard

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Country Living Source: Country Living

Pick up some garden lattice at the hardware store, along with a few other pieces of material, and you can create a charming headboard that will instantly transform a room. Country Living has an awesome tutorial on how to make them.

13. Terra Cotta Wind Chime

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House of Joyful Noise Source: House of Joyful Noise

Sitting outside, enjoying the cool breeze and the sound of a wind chime is the perfect way to spend a spring day. This project is fun, simple, and great to do with kids. House of Joyful Noise has instructions for this DIY spring craft.

14. Cinder Block Planter

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Modernly Wed Source: Modernly Wed

Cinder block planters are an affordable and simple way to create layered planters in your backyard or on your patio. Make them pop by painting them with a bright color or mismatched patterns.

15. Floral Wall Clock

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Lovely Indeed Source: Lovely Indeed

This wreath clock is so versatile! It’s not only great for spring, but you could also use it for weddings, baby showers, or use different flowers for different seasons. Lovely Indeed breaks down the instructions in an easy to follow guide.

16. No-Sew Fabric Flowers

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Living Locurto Source: Living Locurto

The one downfall about fresh flowers is that they don’t last very long. So, why not make colorful and vivid fabric flowers instead? The best part? You don’t even need to know how to sew! Living Locurto has seven ways to make them.

17. Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand

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Epbot Source: Epbot

Save a few plastic bottles and create a funky, almost floral-looking, jewelry stand for just a few dollars. You’ll need a 2-liter bottle, 1-liter bottle, and a 20 oz. bottle to get started. Epbot has the rest of the instructions here.

18. Umbrella Floral Door Hanger

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Making Lemonade Source: Making Lemonade

This project is so easy it’s crazy! Not to mention, you’ll have the cutest door hanger in the neighborhood. Just take a large umbrella, hang it upside down and fill with flowers, secure with a ribbon, and you’re good to go!

19. Stick Frame

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Not Just A Housewife Source: Not Just A Housewife

Twigs, hot glue, and a bit of moss for an extra spring-like touch is all you’ll need to create this woodsy craft. If you want to create your own – Not Just a Housewife has the step-by-step instructions.

20. Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

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Eighteen 25 Source: Eighteen 25

Not only will these attract the birds, but they’ll also spruce up your yard! These bird feeders are unbelievably cute and such a fun craft to make, especially with the kids! Eighteen 25 has a really great tutorial on how to make them.

Source: Country Living