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15 Ways Olive Oil Can Solve Household Problems

May 15th, 2018

Most of us have olive oil in our homes that we cook with. But olive oil can also solve lots of problems around your home.

Here Are 15 Household Problems You Can Solve With Olive Oil:

1) Free A Zipper

You can free up a stuck zipper with some olive oil. Dip a cotton swab in olive oil and rub it over the teeth of the zipper. Shimmy it up and down until it moves freely.

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2) Defrizz And Smooth Hair

Are you having one too many frizzy hair days? Use some olive oil to smooth out and shine up your hair. Apply a small amount to your hair when it’s wet and comb through.

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Natural Living Ideas Source: Natural Living Ideas

3) Wood Furniture Polish

Shine up your dull wood furniture with some olive oil. Pour one part vinegar and two parts olive oil into a spray bottle and shake it well. Spray this mixture on your wood furniture, let it sit for a few minutes then use a cloth to wipe it down.

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4) Remove Paint From Skin

Getting paint off of your skin can be a huge pain in the ass. Just rub a little bit of olive oil on the paint on your skin. Massage the oil into your skin to loosen the paint, then wash away.

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5) Skin Conditioning Bath

Add a few tablespoons of olive oil to your bath water. It will soften and condition your skin. Just wipe your tub down well when you’re done.

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Nature of Taste Source: Nature of Taste

6) Get Gum Out of Hair

Put down the scissors! Just rub some olive oil on the gum and let it sit for a bit. Rub the hair to loosen the gum up so you can pull it out.

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7) Fix A Squeaky Door

Use olive oil to silence a squeaky door. Pour some oil on the rag or directly onto the top hinge and rub it in. It should stop the squeaking.

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Connected Isolation Source: Connected Isolation

8) Get Rid of Acne

Have an acne problem? Try dabbing some olive oil on the acne spots. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will help to heal your acne.

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9) Soothe A Sunburn

Use olive oil to soothe a sunburn. Just apply a thin layer to the red area. Let it sit for an hour before you wash it off.

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10) Remove Eye Makeup

Olive oil works well in a pinch if you’re out of makeup remover. Dab some olive oil on a cotton ball. Use it to easily wipe off your makeup.

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11) Shine Up Shoes

Are your shoes looking dull? Dab some olive oil on a soft cloth. Use this to rub your shoes down.

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12) Shaving Cream Substitute

If you’re out of shaving cream, you can use olive oil. Use it as you would shaving cream to get a close shave. Rub an extra teaspoon after you wash up to keep skin soft.

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13) Lubricate A Measuring Spoon

Rub or spray some olive oil on your measuring cup or spoons. Then use it to measure sticky things like honey or syrup. Your honey or syrup will slide right off and your measuring cup or spoon will be easy to clean.

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TheOliveFruit Source: TheOliveFruit

14) Put An End To Snoring

Is snoring keeping you from a good night’s sleep? Take a sip before heading off to bed. It will lubricate your throat muscles to stop snoring.

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15) Treat Garden Tools

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Olive oil can help preserve your garden tools. Spritz your garden tools with some olive oil. This will cut down on dirt buildup and prevent rust.

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