15 Creative Ways To Upcycle Old Silverware

June 12th, 2018

After time silverware will chip, scratch, or break altogether. But before you toss out your old silverware to replace it with new stuff you might want to consider upcycling it. There are lots of cool ways you can reuse your old silverware and transform it into something funky and new.

Here are 15 creative ways to upcycle old silverware:

1) Silverware Garden Markers

Remember what you planted where by creating garden markers. Just hammer the top of a spoon flat and stick the bottom in the ground. You can stamp the plant names or use a marker to list them.

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2) Kitchen Hanging Hooks

Need a place to hang your oven mitts and dish towels? You can turn your silverware into adorable hooks. Just bend your utensil into a hook shape and drill a hole through the top so you can nail it to the wall.

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3) Place Card Holders

Bend a fork backward. Place a name card in between the prongs and place at each seat for your guests. You can also add a napkin and use it as a napkin holder.

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4) Silverware Kitchen Artwork

Create some chic kitchen artwork with your old utensils. Spray them with a coat of paint. Then stick them in a frame.

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5) Silverware Bracelet

Make yourself some unique looking jewelry. Just bend your utensil to fit your wrist. You can also shape the fork prongs to make it more ornate.

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6) Pineapple Plastic Spoon Lampshade

This is the cutest project! It would look great in a kids room on in a fun office. Learn how to make it here.

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Now That's Pretty Source: Now That's Pretty

7) Cabinet Door Handle

Bend a spoon in the shape of a cabinet handle. Drill it into your cabinet at the top of the utensil head and at the bottom.

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Iowa Farmerz Wife Source: Iowa Farmerz Wife

8) Silverware Decorative Mirror

Use your silverware to create a gorgeous focal piece in your home. Take a mirror and glue some silverware to it. Learn how to make this piece here.

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Flamingo Toes Source: Flamingo Toes

9) Stamped Spoon Napkin Rings

Create gorgeous napkin rings with your old silverware. Just bend them so that it can hold your napkin in place. You can also stamp them to personalize them.

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Thistlewood Farms Source: Thistlewood Farms

10) Utensil Chandelier

You can create a chandelier that’s fancy but not too fancy for your kitchen with silverware. Just mix in some utensils with your crystal or other items. You can find lots of ideas here.

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11) Long Candle Holders

You can also use your silverware to create cute candle holders. Bend your utensil so it’s stabilized. Next, glue or solder some thimbles to a fork or spoon and place your candle inside of it.

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12) Silverware Picture Holder

Put your photos on display using silverware. You can arrange them by placing your photos in between the prongs. You can create the display in a variety of ways.

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PrettyHandyGirl.com Source: PrettyHandyGirl.com

13) Decorative Art Spoons

People have created all different types of decorative art with spoons. You can use rhinestones, photos, and all other different types of pieces. Get can find some ideas here.

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14) Garden Silverware Decor

Create beautiful garden art with your old silverware. This dragonfly was made from butterknives. You can find all different designs here.

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The Garden Glove Source: The Garden Glove

15) Petal Light Fixtures

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You can easily make cool looking light fixtures with some spoons. Just group them together and around a hanging light. These look like they are grouped together with just some wire.

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