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15 Unknown Uses For Steel Wool

June 12th, 2018

Steel wool is great for scouring tough caked on food stains from our pots and pans. But there’s a whole lot more you can do with still wool.

Here Are 15 Unknown Uses For Steel Wool:

1) Age Wood Quickly

If you want to give new wood an aged look, use some steel wool and vinegar. Drop some steel wool in vinegar and let it sit until the vinegar turns a brown color. Use this mixture to stain the wood and give it a silvery patina.

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2) Start A Fire

Need to start a campfire quick? Touch the terminals of a 9-volt battery to a wad of steel wool. This will spark your campfire.

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3) Substitute for Sandpaper

Out of sandpaper? Try some steel wool. Use the finest gauge of steel wool, which is 0000, to sand layers of oil-based paint.

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4) Prevent Critters From Creeping In

Critters like mice invade your home through tiny holes. Fill up holes and gaps around pipes with steel wool. They won’t be able to chew through it.

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5) Clean Your Tires

Make sure tires look like they’re brand new with some steel wool and WD-40. Soak your steel wool in WD-40 and scrub your tires gently in a circular motion. Your tires will look amazing when they’re done.

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6) Sharpen Dull Scissors

Have your scissors gone dull? Cut through a piece of steel wool a few times. This will sharpen them up again.

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7) Clean Rubber Shoes

Steel wool is great for getting rubber shoes clean. Just wet a piece of wool and scrub the dirty rubber part of your shoe. Your shoes will look brand new.

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8) Tighten A Loose Screw

Wrap a little bit of steel wool around your screw. Then screw your screw back in. The steel wool will keep the screw tightly in place.

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9) Remove Crayon From Walls

Use a minimally abrasive piece of steel wool to remove crayon from walls. Just gently rub the area with some steel wool. It will come right off.

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10) Prevent Pet Hair From Clogging the Drain

Don’t let pet hair clog your drain when you give the dog a bath. Stuff the drain with some steel wool before you bathe your dog. None of the pet hair will go down the drain. Remove it when you’re done.

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11) Shine Up Your Rims

Steel wool is great for shining up rims. Just pour a little dish soap on your steel wool. Use it to get rid of grime and restore shine.

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12) Remove Scuff Marks on Floors

Steel wool can remove scuff marks from your vinyl floors. Just dampen the steel wool and use it to gently buff out the scuff marks. Your floors will look brand new.

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13) Wash Your Windshield

Dirt can easily get embedded on your windshield. Remove it with steel wool. Just wet your windshield and wet a piece of ultrafine #0000 steel wool and use it to gently buff your windshield clean.

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14) Hush Up A Motorcycle

Make your motorcycle quieter with steel wool. Just place some in your exhaust. Just make sure you don’t block the pipe from venting completely.

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15) Clean Your Headlights

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Remove sap and other stains from your headlights with steel wool. Just wet your headlights first. Then wet a piece of #0000 steel wool and gently scrub your lights in a circular motion.

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