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15 Unconventional Ways To Use A Sponge

June 5th, 2018

Sponges are great for sopping up messes. But did you know that there are lots of other ways that you can use sponges in your home?

Here Are 15 Unconventional Ways To Use A Sponge:

1) Keep Your Refrigerator Smelling Great

Place a damp sponge on a plate. Sprinkle some baking soda on it and place it in your refrigerator. It will soak up smells and stinks in your refrigerator.

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2) Remove Pet Hair

Sponges are great for getting up stubborn pet hair. Just gently rub it over pet hair on furniture or clothing. The hair will come right up.

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3) Keep Plants Moist

Place a sponge over a drain hole at the bottom of a planter. It will help soil from escaping. It will also keep your plants moist.

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4) Protect Fragile Items

Don’t let your fragile pieces break when being packed up. Sponges are a great way to keep your stuff safe. Just place them in between and around your belongings. You can also cut them up and use them as you would packing peanuts.

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5) Garden Knee Pads

Working in the garden can be tough on your knees. Give yourself padding with sponges. Just tie them around your knees with some string.

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6) Sponge Seed Sprouter

Boil your sponge for 15 minutes to get rid of bacteria. Soak your sponge with water then squeeze out. Sprinkle herbs seeds on it and keep it watered. Get the full directions on how to properly do this here.

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7) Umbrella Stand Runoff

Umbrellas can leave quite the drippy mess. Place a sponge at the bottom of your umbrella stand. It will suck awat any water that dripped off your umbrella.

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8) The Perfect Pedicure

Cut slits into a sponge. Place your toes in between the slits. This will help you from messing up your pedicure.

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9) Nail Polish Remover Jar

Place a sponge inside of a jar. Pour nail polish remover in it. Stick your finger in it and rub it around to remove your nail polish.

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10) Save All The Soap

Place a sponge underneath your bar of soap. It will help dry out your soap after each use. It will also be easy to use the soap bar to the very last bit because you can rub the soap onto you with the sponge.

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11) Soothe A Toothache

Cut up pieces of a sponge. Soak them with vanilla extract or whiskey. Place near your aching tooth to soothe the pain.

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12) Frozen Ice Packs

Soak a sponge and put it in a Ziploc bag. Place it in the freezer for three hours. You can use this to keep your lunch bag or cooler cold.

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13) Reusable Dryer Sheets

Fill a plastic container with fabric softener. Place your sponge inside and close the top. Take the sponge out and squeeze out the excess softener. Toss it in your dryer and use as a reusable dryer sheet. Put it back in your container when you’re done.

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14) Floor Protector Pads

Cut up pieces of sponge. Glue them to the legs of your furniture. This will keep your floor from being scratched when you move the furniture.

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15) Seal Envelopes

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Licking envelopes can be gross. Use a sponge instead. Dab it with some water and rub it over the adhesive then close your envelope.

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