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15 Super Creative Ways To Reuse Old Bricks

April 20th, 2018

You’ve mowed the lawn, you’ve trimmed the hedges, you added a few flowers here and there, but there’s just something missing from your yard to really take it to the next level. How about bricks?

Here are 15 clever and creative ways to reuse old bricks to make your yard and garden really stand out.

Hit those yard sales and salvage yards to pick up lots of old bricks for next to nothing – and sometimes free!

1. DIY brick path

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Home DZine Source: Home DZine

Making a walkway or path in your yard is easier than you think. All you’ll need are some old bricks, a few garden tools, and a bit of elbow grease. The best part is that you can get as creative as you want! Make fun patterns and choose bricks of different colors for a fun twist. Head to the Home Dzine blog for a full tutorial.

2. Build a rustic brick bench

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Little Hampton Brick Source: Little Hampton Brick

Old, mossy bricks look great when used as a bench in your garden or backyard. Just stack them in two pillars to your desired height, then place an old piece of wood across the top. It’s as easy as that!

3. Brick waterfall

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StringBeadz Designs Source: StringBeadz Designs

Is there a space on your front porch or patio that could really go for a makeover? Why not build a waterfall? I know, I know, it sounds daunting, but it’s actually quite easy! StringBeadz Designs has a really awesome and simple step-by-step tutorial to follow on her website.

4. Make fun yard art

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Home Talk Source: Home Talk

This is a great weekend or summer project for the kids. Paint or spray paint old bricks fun, bright colors and place them in your yard in creative designs like flowers in this example. You can either bury the bricks halfway into the ground, leaving just the colors exposed, or surround the bricks with small river rock. Go to Home Talk for a tutorial.

5. Build a brick herb spiral

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Insteading Source: Insteading

Spiral herb gardens are all the rage right now in the gardening world, and they are really fun and easy to make. Plus, they are perfect for people who don’t have a lot of space to work with in their yard. You could also plant flowers! Insteading has the easy-to-follow tutorial.

6. DIY brick tree ring

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Condo Blues Source: Condo Blues

Old bricks are perfect for making a tree ring. Place bricks in a ring shape around the base of a tree, then create an additional layer or two. Once the ring is at your desired height, fill the ring with mulch or bark dust for an instant yard makeover. Find the full tutorial at Condo Blues.

7. DIY outdoor fireplace

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Instructables Source: Instructables

Imagine sipping hot cocoa or a nice glass of wine around an outdoor fireplace with friends and family. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, if you have the space, you can build your own outdoor fireplace with old bricks and some building supplies. Instructables has the tutorial, and this one even includes a grill!

8. Build a backyard pond

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Who's Your Granny? Source: Who's Your Granny?

Buy or salvage a large galvanized tub and place bricks around it for a simple, DIY pond for your backyard. Once complete, you can add water plants, like lilypads, for a beautiful, natural pond. The Who’s Your Granny blog has an easy-to-follow tutorial.

9. Create a beautiful firepit

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Home BNC Source: Home BNC

Digging holes and dealing with cement is usually what it takes when it comes to building a firepit, but you could try a different design and approach that doesn’t involve any of that at all. Simply stack old bricks in a circle, going up a few layers, then – build up a back for an elegant design that also protects any wall behind it.

10. Brick garden markers

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Simple Details Source: Simple Details

Old bricks are great for repurposing into garden markers, and it’s so incredibly easy to do. Just write out the names of herbs you’ve planted in your garden onto old bricks using a Sharpie or dry erase marker, then place them near the herbs so they’re easy to identify. So cute!

11. Edge your garden beds

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DIY & Crafts Source: DIY & Crafts

“This one is a bit more complex and may take a little time, depending on the size of your garden. You will need to dig down a bit to place the bricks but just imagine how great it will look when you’re finished. This edging idea is gorgeous and won’t cost much at all if you already have a few bricks on hand,” says DIY & Crafts.

12. Build a brick birdbath stand

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Robins Nesting Place Source: Robins Nesting Place

Robin, from the Robin’s Nesting Place blog, had lots of old bricks in her garage and decided to make a birdbath stand out of them. Just stack them neatly in a pillar, then place a terracotta bowl on top, fill with water, and watch the birdies come flocking in. She says she puts ice water in it during the summer and the birds just love it.

13. Create raised planters

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DIY & Crafts Source: DIY & Crafts

Spruce up ordinary planters by raising and beautifying them with some red bricks. Just stack the bricks and place your flower or herb planter inside. You can make them in any design, shape, and size that you’d like.

14. Brick succulent pot

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Hunny I'm Home Source: Hunny I'm Home

There are some types of brick that almost look like a Lego, and they have three holes in them, these are building bricks. If you happen to have some lying around or find some at a yard sale, snag them up and turn them into an adorable succulent garden. That’s what the blogger at Hunny I’m Home did.

15. Brick candle holders

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Woo Home Source: Woo Home

Another great use for building bricks is turning them into beautiful candle holders. These are perfect for those summer nights when you’re spending time outside around your patio table. Head to the craft store for candle supplies such as wax and wicks.

Source: DIY & Crafts