15 Ways To Repurpose A Wheelbarrow For Your Garden

December 23rd, 2018

Wheelbarrows are great for helping us to get things done in our gardens.

But they can also make for some pretty great decor.

Take a wheelbarrow that has seen better days and turn it into an adorable focal point for your home or garden. There are plenty of ways to repurpose that old wheelbarrow into a beautiful work of art.

Here Are 15 Spectacular Ways To Repurpose A Wheelbarrow For Your Home Or Garden:

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1) Wheelbarrow Party Favor Holder

Having a garden themed party? Fill a wheelbarrow with some dirt and flowers and leave space in the middle for your favors. Glue packets of seeds to popsicle sticks and place in the dirt. Make a sign inviting people to take a packet of seeds home from your wedding or party.

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2) Wheelbarrow Creature

You can turn your old wheelbarrows into funky little creatures. It takes some tools and some serious imagination but it can be done. I’d imagine there would be a lot of soldering and drilling involved.

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DIY N Crafts Source: DIY N Crafts

3) Address Sign

Want an address sign that’s bold and grabs some attention? Repaint an old wheelbarrow and paint your house number on it. People will definitely be able to spot your house number this way.

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DIY Huntress Source: DIY Huntress

4) Garden Fountain

Use wheelbarrows to create a gorgeous water feature in your yard. This one uses two wheelbarrows that are stacked. Get the tutorial here.

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Mother Earth Living Source: Mother Earth Living

5) DIY Portable Grill

Need a portable grill? Make one with a wheelbarrow. Just toss some coals or wood in the wheelbarrow and place a grill on top.

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6) Christmas Tree Stand

Looking for a unique Christmas tree stand? Use an old wheelbarrow. It makes a great rustic outdoor holiday decoration.

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Cottage at the Crossroads Source: Cottage at the Crossroads

7) Outdoor Chair

Why buy an outdoor chair when you can make one? Create yourself a funky place to sit with an old wheelbarrow. Get the directions for this project here.

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designboom Source: designboom

8) Coffee Table

You can create an amazingly unique coffee table with your old wheelbarrow’s base. Just remove the bucket part, level with a piece of wood, and add your table top. Get the tutorial here.

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Woodworking Web Source: Woodworking Web

9) Wheelbarrow Cooler

Don’t buy an expensive cooler that you’ll just have to clean out. If your wheelbarrow is in pretty good shape (without any paint chips or rust), you can use it as a cooler. Just fill it with ice and toss your drinks in.

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PopSugar Source: PopSugar

10) Fairy Garden

A wheelbarrow is a perfect place for a fairy garden. Just fill with some rocks, dirt, or moss, and add figurines to create a whimsical scene. Get some wheelbarrow fairy garden ideas here.

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The Whoot Source: The Whoot

11) Sandbox

Your old wheelbarrow can provide hours of entertainment for the kids. Just fill it with sand and toss in a few sand toys. Just make sure there isn’t any flaking rust or paint.

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fordiyers Source: fordiyers

12) Planter

Let your wheelbarrow serve as a beautiful focal point in your yard. Paint your wheelbarrow a pop of color, add some soil and plant flower in it. Use it as a beautiful planter. Find wheelbarrow planter ideas here.

13) Bench

Want a bench that’s easy to move around? Make a wheelbarrow bench. Follow the tutorial here.

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Better Homes & Gardens Source: Better Homes & Gardens

14) Mosaic Decor

Make your wheelbarrow look pretty. Turn it into a stunning mosaic piece. Learn how to mosaic here.

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Mosaic Art Supply Source: Mosaic Art Supply

15) Fall Display

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By Stephanie Lynn Source: By Stephanie Lynn

Turn your wheelbarrow into an autumn display. Fill it with gords and corn and other fall stuff. You can also jazz up the wheelbarrow itself. Learn more here.

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