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15 Incredible Entryway Storage Hacks And Ideas

April 20th, 2018

The entryway is the first thing that people see when they step into your home, but most people seem to not pay much attention to this area. Shoes and coats can pile up, creating an unsightly and disorganized scene.

Here are 15 awesome storage hacks and ideas that will make your entryway have a lasting impression.

Just because your entryway is small or narrow doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in storage or style potential.

1. Use baskets to store on your console

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A Beautiful Mess Source: A Beautiful Mess

Find cute wicker baskets like these to store shoes, bags, and other things that don’t have a permanent home. Not only are they functional, but they are beautiful to look at. This is perfect for that clean, farmhouse look.

2. Label your coat rack or hooks

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Just A Girl And Her Blog Source: Just A Girl And Her Blog

This particular coat rack, used by Just A Girl And Her Blog, has a fun chalkboard feature that allows her to label the hooks on her coat rack. You could do this too by creating labels over your mounted coat rack or hooks, perfect for labeling which hook belongs to certain family members, or where the keys should be hung.

3. Use a storage bench to hide shoes

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Imperfect Homemaking Source: Imperfect Homemaking

A storage bench is a great multi-purpose piece of furniture for your entryway. Not only is it a place to sit while you put your shoes on and take them off, but you can also hide your shoes inside the bench when you’re not wearing them. No more tripping over that pile of shoes as you walk in and out.

4. Turn your closet into a coat rack

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My Love 2 Create Source: My Love 2 Create

Hanging coats on a tension rod and dealing with all those hangers can be a real pain when you’re trying to get out of the house quickly. Take advantage of all that wall space in your closet and hang hooks instead. Head over to the My Love 2 Create blog for the tutorial.

5. Create a storage and seating nook

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The House of Smiths Source: The House of Smiths

Have you ever thought that your entryway closet is just sort of taking up space and it’s not very pleasing to the eye? Why not do a simple renovation and transform it into an adorable storage and seating nook? The House of Smiths did this amazing project and explain how on their blog.

6. Use an IKEA shelf as cubby storage and seating

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Melo-Drama Source: Melo-Drama

IKEA’s KALLAX shelf units are amazing for hanging on your wall and storing books, DVDs, and decor, but they could also be used as an entry bench with storage. Melo-Drama transformed their IKEA shelf into this fun bench and storage unit with a bit of creativity. Check out their blog to find out how.

7. Use a vintage mail organizer to store shoes

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Sincerely, Sara D. Source: Sincerely, Sara D.

Head out to the antique stores and scour them for a vintage mail organizer like this one. They are perfect for storing lots of shoes, perfect for a big family with lots of kids running in and out of the house. Sincerely, Sara D. was lucky enough to score this beauty.

8. Turn bookcases into ‘lockers’

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Polka Dot Chair Source: Polka Dot Chair

Another great idea if you have lots of kids in the house is to use narrow bookcases as lockers. IKEA sells narrow bookcases that can be lined up and pushed together. You’ll just need to remove and adjust the height of some of the shelves, and you’re all set! The Polka Dot Chair came up with this great idea.

9. Make a DIY boot holder

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By Stephanie Lynn Source: By Stephanie Lynn

Snowy and rainy weather means that you’ll have wet dirty boots and shoes that you definitely don’t want being trekked through the house. Keep them organized and easy to take on and put off by creating a DIY wooden boot holder. By Stephanie Lynn shows you how to make your own.

10. Hang your purses and bags with S-hooks

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Libby Walker/House Logic Source: Libby Walker/House Logic

“A purse on the floor is money out the door,” is a saying Feng Shui meaning that having bags on the floor is bad luck. Hang your bags from S-hooks, hung on your closet rod for easy storage and quick grabbing when you’re headed out the door.

11. Be smart about your closet space

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Just A Girl And Her Blog Source: Just A Girl And Her Blog

Make sure you’re smartly utilizing your closet’s space by using things like storage bins, cubbies, hooks, and shelves. Just A Girl And Her Blog shows you how she gave her entryway closet a makeover on her website. Just a few simple tricks can make a big difference.

12. Display flowers and plants on floating shelves

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Vintage Revivals Source: Vintage Revivals

Having plants indoors adds a freshness and happiness-inducing feeling to your home. So, why not have them on display to see right when you walk through the door? Use floating shelves for plants and flowers so that they really stand out. Vintage Revivals designed this gorgeous entryway.

13. Add a shelf above your coat rack

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Home Remedies Source: Home Remedies

This isn’t a mind-blowing tip by any means, but it is a really great one. Hang a shelf above your coat rack or hooks for extra storage. You could then add baskets or cubbies and display plants or decor.

14. Place hooks on the side of your console or wall

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Organizing Made Fun Source: Organizing Made Fun

Add hooks in places that you normally toss your keys or bags. They’re great for hanging sunglasses, backpacks, or those reusable grocery bags that you always forget to take with you. Something so small can make a big difference.

15. Use magazine holders to organize mail

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Instructables Source: Instructables

Turn magazine holders into a cute mail organizer with this awesome tutorial from Instructables. Plus, there’s a shelf on top for a bit of extra storage or a place to display cute knick-knacks or a plant.

Source: Make Space