15 Genius Ways To Use Cupcake Liners

June 1st, 2018

If you’re fond of baking, you’ll know that one of the best parts of baking is getting adorable decorated cupcake liners to spruce up your cupcakes and make them portable. But those little liners can be extremely useful around your home for things that have nothing to do with baking.

Here Are 15 Genius Ways To Use Cupcake Liners:

1) Keep Bugs Out Of Cups

Place a cupcake liner over a cup so it covers the top. Poke a straw through it. This will keeps bugs out.

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2) Festive Party Garland

Flatten out your liners. Fold them in half. Place them on a piece of string and glue together.

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3) Keep Car Cup Holders Clean

Tired of having to scrape gunk out of your car cup holders? Stick cupcake liners inside of them. Just pull out and replace when they get dirty.

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4) Beautiful Paper Flowers

You can create beautiful flowers with cupcake liners. Just layer and glue together different colored liners. Then cut them into flower shapes. You can find instructions here.

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5) Neatly Eat Popsicles

Popsicles can make quite the mess. Just force the popsicle stick into a cupcake liner. The liner will catch any drips and mess.

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6) Floral Lampshade or Chandelier

Why spend $998 on an Anthropologie chandelier when you can make your own. Just layer and glue cupcake liners to a lampshade or circular chandelier. Learn how here.

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7) Make Chocolate Shells

Take a cupcake liner and place it in a muffin or cupcake tin. Place a spoonful of melted chocolate into it and drag a spoon coated in chocolate along the sides of the liner. Let them set, then peel the liner away. Get the full directions here.

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8) Flower String Lights

Layer and glue together some cupcake liners. Cut a hole in the bottom and place a light through it. Get the full directions here.

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9) Disposable Snack Holders

Let cupcake liners help you with portion control. Just place your snacks in some cupcake liners. Toss out when you’re done.

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10) Rosette Picture Frame

This project is perfect for weddings or party decor. Just roll up cupcake liners and turn them into rosettes. Then glue them to your frame. Get details here.

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11) Separate Foods In Your Lunch Box

Some of our picky eaters hate when different foods touch. Create separation with cupcake liners. Just place them inside your Tupperware or lunch box.

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12) Gift Box Toppers

Forget those boring old bows. Staple a few cupcake liners together and make a pom pom. Top your next gift with it. Get the directions on how to make them here.

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13) Turn Mason Jars Into Covered Cups

Take a cupcake liner and place it over the top of the jar. Screw the top over it. Pop in a straw and you’re done.

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14) Floral Paper Bouquet

These paper flowers look so pretty and give your home a shabby chic look. You just need some cupcake liners, green tissue paper, floral wire, foam and a hot glue gun. Get the full tutorial here.

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15) Cookie Keeper

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Large cupcake liners are great for holding cookies. These especially come in handy for things like bake sales. Just wrap will cellophane.

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