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15 DIY Projects To Make Your Backyard A Magical Place

April 24th, 2018

The weather is warming up and we’ll be spending lots of time outdoors with our loved ones. There are lots of ways to spruce up your outdoor spaces to make them feel special without having to drop a ton of money.

Here are 15 DIY projects that will make your backyard feel magical:

1) Personalized Statement Planter

All it takes is a pallet or some pieces of plywood to create this customized planter. You can create a real nice focal point in your backyard with this monogram planter design. You can find the tutorial here.

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Remodelaholic Source: Remodelaholic

2) Build a Pergola

Create an intimate setting in your backyard with a pergola. There are lots of different plans and styles to create one inexpensively. You can find different plans here.

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WooHome Source: WooHome

3) Crochet a Hammock

Swinging in a hammock breathing in the spring air is beyond amazing. Bring a pop of color to your backyard by crocheting your own hammock. You’ll find instructions here.

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Angie Diersman Source: Angie Diersman

4) Outdoor Lounge Area

Your backyard should be a place where you can lounge out. The best way to do that is to have cozy furniture that makes it easy, like sofas, couches, and daybeds. You can make really inexpensive but impressive lounge furniture using materials like pallets or cinder blocks.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

5) Outdoor Kid’s Playhouse

This playhouse is straight out of every child’s fantasy. This little play area also offers a bench where adults can enjoy a view of the garden. Get the details on this design here.

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Lazy Sunday Cooking Source: Lazy Sunday Cooking

6) Paint Your Picnic Table

Painting your picnic table can give your backyard a whole new look. Paint it a bold color or leave it with a nice design. It will be a table that everyone wants to eat at.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

7) DIY Potting Table

There are so many different ways to create a DIY potting/garden station. This one is made from a repurposed changing table. You can find a lot of different designs here.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

8) Make a Pretty Shed

Sheds help our yards from looking like a complete mess with tools strewn all over the place. But our sheds don’t have to look like ugly structures. You can make a nice looking one from old doors. You can find details here.

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A Cultivated Nest Source: A Cultivated Nest

9) Hanging Herb Garden

Use some 4x4s and chicken wire to create this hanging herb garden. It’s a nice focal feature and creates an organized place where all your herbs can go. Get the details on this project here.

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Homemade Lovely Source: Homemade Lovely

10) Rolling Drink Cart

Forget about running in and out of the house during a party. Make this simple rolling drink cart. Get the instructions here.

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Jaime Costiglio Source: Jaime Costiglio

11) DIY Wire Railing

Use a wire railing to reduce the bulky look of wooden fences. It gives your porch a super high-end look. Get the tutorial on how to build one here.

12) Hanging Tire Planter

Having some fun and whimsy in your garden really makes it feel like a special place. This tire swing is a great way to do that. Just paint ita bold color fill with flowers and other fun stuff like a garden gnome.

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DIY Show Off Source: DIY Show Off

13) Light It Up

String lights are super inexpensive. That’s why they are great for making your backyard feel magical. You can find different ways to use them here.

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Home Depot Source: Home Depot

14) Hanging Planter Shelf

This hanging planter shelf is fairly easy to create. It serves as a really great focal piece. Get the instructions on how to make it here.

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Survival Life Source: Survival Life

15) DIY Water Feature

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DIY N Crafts Source: DIY N Crafts

There are lots of inexpensive ways to create a water feature in your backyard. You can use a simple bird bath or even an old tea kettle and wooden bucket to create a moving water feature. You can get loads of ideas here.

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