15 DIY Office Decor Projects To Make You Ultra Productive

June 1st, 2018

Our offices are a place where we get stuff done and create a livelihood for ourselves. So, we want to make sure that it’s organized and decorated in a way that is conducive to productivity. But you don’t have to go out and buy new furniture and decor, you can make your own.

Here Are 15 DIY Office Decor Projects To Make You Ultra Productive:

1) Mounted Wall Desk

If you don’t need a big desk and want to take up as little space as possible, this project is perfect. It uses brackets and some wood to create a desk plus shelving Learn how to make it here.

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The Crafted Life Source: The Crafted Life

2) Hang Photo Garland

Having pictures of people and things we love makes up happy. So it’s great to have these in our office. An easy and space efficient way to display photos in the office is to create this super easy photo garland with string and wooden clips. You can add some fringe to your photos if you want to make it fancy.

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Homey Oh My Source: Homey Oh My

3) Clipboard Wall Decor

Use clipboards to decorate your walls. Just use a nail or a contact hook to hang them from the wall. Fill them with motivational sayings to help your productivity.

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Conversational Receptionists Source: Conversational Receptionists

4) Fancy Cork Board

Cork boards or great for keeping things we need to be aware of in our view. But they can be pretty ugly looking. You can make it look a lot nicer by gluing a piece of fabric to the front of your cork board.

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Bethany DeVore Source: Bethany DeVore

5) DIY Coffee Bar

Coffee is the key ingredient to most productive days for some of us. Create a convenient little coffee bar to help ritualize the drinking of this sacred bean. Just get a small tiered shelf or make one with some wine crates. Fill each shelf with some mugs, coffee pods, and or tea. Top it off with a Keurig or coffee machine.

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A Shade of Teal Source: A Shade of Teal

6) Dry Erase Board To-Do List

Make yourself a to-do list that looks nice and makes you motivated to cross things off of it. Place a funky piece of paper in the back of a picture frame. Use dry erase markers to write on it.

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Deal Wise Mommy Source: Deal Wise Mommy

7) Iron Mesh Board

This is a cute alternative to a cork board that will give your office an industrial look. Hang a piece of wire mesh on your wall above your desk. You can use clips or s hooks to hang things like calendars or pictures from it.

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Hitta Hem Source: Hitta Hem

8) Stencil Wood Art

Cut a piece of plywood and glue it to the inside of a frame. Remove the glass from your frame. Use a stencil to paint motivational work messages and designs. Get the details on this project here.

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Liz on Call Source: Liz on Call

9) Painted Office Chair

Make your office chair a pretty one you’ll want to sit in every day. Instead of having a boring old leather chair, paint it to make it really pop in your office. You’ll find the tutorial on how to paint leather chairs here.

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Beneath My Heart Source: Beneath My Heart

10) Fancy Filing Cabinets

Standard filing cabinets can look drab and frankly depressing. But not if you give them a makeover. You can add molding or a pop of color. Learn how here.

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11) Succulent Zen Garden

Work can get stressful. So it’s always good to have stress relievers in your office, like a DIY zen garden. Learn how to make it below.

Source: Elyana Ivette

12) Drink Holder Pencil Cup

Use a drink holder pool float as a pencil or supplies holder. Instead of a drink, pop in a glass or pencil cup and use it to hold office supplies. You can glue it to a piece of wood to create a steady base if you like.

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BuyinCoins Source: BuyinCoins

13) Monogram Cork Board

If you like the cork look, why not customize it. Just get a piece of cork and cut it in the shape of your initials. Learn how to do it here.

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Sarah Hearts Source: Sarah Hearts

14) Jazz Up A Clipboard

Clipboards don’t have to be ugly. Why not jazz one up? You can cover it with contact paper, glitter, or decoupage it.

15) Faux Marble Desk

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Your desk doesn’t have to look plain either. You can completely transform it with some faux marble contact paper or another textured peel and stick material. Get the details here. It will make it look a lot more expensive. Spray painting fixtures and other pieces metallic colors can also give it a more expensive look.

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