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Here Are 15 Of The Coolest DIY Shelf Designs

June 25th, 2018

Some houses just don’t have enough storage space. That’s why we look to shelving to keep our items in place. But your shelving doesn’t have to just be a place where you store your stuff.

It can be a really great focal point or even that perfect accent that ties your whole room together. And you don’t have to empty out our wallet to create these awesome custom pieces. You can make them on your own.

Here Are 15 Of The Coolest DIY Shelf Designs:

1) Copper Pipe Shelving

Copper pieps will give you some really cool industrial looking shelving. This design is super intricate and looks like a maze. But you can keep it simple if you like.

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2) Hanging Rope Shelf

The hardest part of this project is drilling holes into some pieces of wood. Just run some rope through those holes and secure them with knots. Hang your creation from a hook to create this awesome shelf.

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Remodelaholic Source: Remodelaholic

3) Suede Belt Shelf

I bet you’ve never seen a belt shelf before. This shelf is held up by two suede belts. Learn how to make it here.

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Nur noch Source: Nur noch

4) Half Table Shelves

This designs will create a really cool spectacle in your home. It uses halved tables to create shelving. You can even use a shelf with a drawer in it to double up your storage.

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5) Step Ladder Shelf

You can reconstruct an old ladder to become the perfect shelving unit. Just place some wood boards in between the steps of the ladder. These are sold for at least $100 but you can make one yourself for less than half the price.

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Etsy Source: Etsy

6) Old Drawer Shelf

Don’t toss out your old unused drawers. You can use them as shelving. Just mount them to the wall.

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B&Q Source: B&Q

7) Uneven Corner Shelves

This design offers a really cool look. It uses simple hanging shelves that you can buy in pieces at the hardware store for super cheap. Mount them on uneven levels to create this unique look. Learn how it was done here.

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A Home WEst Source: A Home WEst

8) Floating Crate Shelves

Did you buy a case of wine? Hang on to it. You can hang it on the wall and use it as a shelf.

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Homedit Source: Homedit

9) Copper Peg Shelves

These shelves are also visually stunning. It uses copper pegs with some wood. Learn how to make it here.

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Vintage Revivals Source: Vintage Revivals

10) Wood Pallet Shelf

This shelf takes the rustic look to the next level. It uses a beat up piece of a pallet that is simply hung on the wall. Add photos and you’re done.

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11) Wood Honeycomb Shelves

Make your house look like a hive with these cool honeycomb shelves. All it takes is cutting a few pieces of wood on the right angle and hammering them into each other. Learn how to make it here.

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Jenna Burger Source: Jenna Burger

12) Circular Hat Box Shelves

These are super modern and chic looking. These were made from a painted hat box and a papermaché box. Get the details here.

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The Lovely Drawer Source: The Lovely Drawer

13) Picture Frame Shelf

Vintage frames make for very pretty shelving. You just have to create a shelf box to go behind it. Learn how here.

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14) Book String Shelf

Books can use used to create really cool shelving. Just drill some holes in them and string them up. Learn how to make them here.

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The Decor Fi Source: The Decor Fi

15) Tree Slice Shelf

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Girl Loves Glam Source: Girl Loves Glam

This is perfect for a more natural earthy look. Just cut a food slice in half and mount it. Learn how to make it here.

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