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13 Secret Uses For Dryer Sheets

June 9th, 2018

Dryer sheets are commonly used for things like freshening up clothes, but they can do way more than that. All it takes is some creativity, and you will find there are a lot of different uses for them – even outside the laundry room.

For example, did you know that they can also repel insects? We bet you didn’t.

If you’re curious now, keep reading to find 13 uses that will take your dryer sheet usage to a whole new level.

#1 Dusting your blinds

No one really likes dusting the blinds. But if you have a dryer sheet in hand, your chore will be much easier. All you have to do is run it softly over the blinds and leave the rest to the absorbent power of the dryer sheet.


#2 Cleaning stainless steel

If you have fingerprints and smudges on your stainless-steel items, such as refrigerator handles, just wipe a dryer sheet over them, and they will look brand new. It will work better than anything you have tried before.


#3 Removing deodorant stains

Who has never tried to swipe on some deodorant and ended up accidentally getting a stain on their shirt? This unfortunate (and very common) everyday tragedy can be easily fixed by just rubbing the affected area with a balled-up dryer sheet (it works even better if it’s a used one).

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#4 Wiping away dead bugs

For some reason, there are always dead bugs crushed all over our windshields after a long drive. The good thing is you can get rid of them by simply wiping them away using a dryer sheet. It’s almost like magic.


#5 Preventing knotted thread

How irritating is it when you’re sewing and then suddenly there’s a knot you can’t get out of the thread? Well, even though there’s no easy way out of this particular situation, not everything is lost. You can actually prevent this by running a dryer sheet over the thread beforehand.


#6 Cleaning up messes

Dryer sheets can be very handy when you’re cleaning up spills in the kitchen. They’re particularly useful for absorbing flour, sugar, and other grainy spills that can get everywhere.


#7 Polishing hardware

Have you ever considered using dryer sheets to clean your bathroom faucets and shower doors? Well, you should. Watermarks and soap scum can be easily removed with some used dryer sheets.


#8 Removing toilet rings

Besides showers and faucets, toilets can benefit from dryer sheets too. You can use them to scrub inside the bowl to clean those tricky-to-reach areas and to eliminate toilet rings.


#9 Keeping clothes fresh

Who doesn’t love fresh clothes, right? To keep yours fresh, just put a dryer sheet anywhere your clothes need a boost, and there you go. Your clothes will smell like they just came out of the dryer even if they have been sitting in a drawer for months.

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#10 Cleaning pots and pans

Soap and water aren’t always enough for cleaning pots and pans, especially if you have baked-on grease. For those cases, fill your pots and pans with water and put a dryer sheet in them. Leave it overnight. The next day, the grease will be easily removed.


#11 DIY air freshener

Did you know you can freshen up a room using just one single dryer sheet? Simply place it on your air conditioner (or your fan) and let it eliminate less than desirable odors from your room.


#12 Book deodorizer

Love reading but can’t tolerate that old book smell? No problem. To freshen up musty books, all you have to do is place a used dryer sheet with your book in a zippered plastic bag and leave it for a few days. It will smell fresh as new.


#13 Insect repellent

Annoying insects such as mosquitoes simply don’t like dryer sheets. Taking advantage of that, you can stick a sheet or two in your picnic basket, or even in a belt loop to prevent bug bites. And yes, it actually works.

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