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12 'Jail Hacks' That Are Actually Genius

August 7th, 2018

Going to jail is a worst-case scenario. Not only are you shut away from society, but you lose access to many of the items you probably take for granted. Some of the things you can say goodbye to when in jail include makeup, arts and crafts, and exercise equipment, in addition to many other basic amenities.

Fortunately, inmates in jail are a resourceful bunch, finding ways to replace these basic wants with some of the most ingenious of items. Hopefully, you stay out of jail, but if you don’t, you can use these resourceful hacks to replace the things you might miss the most while spending time in jail.

Alternate Jail Hair Curling Method

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The lack of access to curlers when in jail leads to many innovative methods used by inmates to curl their hair. The roundness of tampons make a perfect medium for getting a nice tight curl with your hair. To hold the tampons in place, inmates tear off tiny strips of towel to tie around the curl.

Easy-to-Make Eye Shadow

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Many female inmates use an easy-to-make eye shadow while in prison. To create a variety of eye shadow colors, inmates mix colored pencil lead, chalk, and baby powder. To get the chalk and colored pencil led to the right consistency for mixing with baby powder, inmates have to crush it into a fine powder.

DIY Facial Masks

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Jail inmates make facial masks using lotion and crushed-up nuts. The abrasive nature of the crushed nuts can help exfoliate and scrub dead skin from the face. The lotion helps to keep the face mask in place. Once finished, inmates simply wash away this refreshing facial scrub with water.

Jail Beauty Hacks

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When you don’t have access to essential beauty items, you often substitute something else. In jail, female inmates make hair dye out of conditioner and hot water mixed with powdered drink mix. The hot water helps the color of the drink mix permeate the hair more evenly, while the conditioner makes it into an easier-to-use paste.

Tattoo Hack

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Believe it or not, inmates give each other tattoos while in jail, though they are not as sanitary as a regular tattoo shop. To make the tattoo machine, inmates use the motor from a CD or cassette player, a battery pack, and a pen to name just a few of the needed items. Last of all they need ink, usually made from shoe polish soot and water.

DIY Homemade Alcohol

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Even alcohol is not off the list of things prisoners will attempt to make while in jail. To make homemade jail alcohol, inmates ferment fruit from the cafeteria or commissary in water and mix it with sugar. Those with knowledge say that the drink tastes terrible, but inmates continue to make it.

Jail Time Arts & Crafts

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In addition to useful everyday items, inmates also make a variety of craft projects using snack boxes and potato chip bags. Some of the items made include purses, decorations, and picture frames, among others. Inmates have a lot of personal time on their hands and making works of art from what many consider trash is just a natural result.

How to Make Jail Cake

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Birthdays are especially poignant moments when in jail. It’s depressing looking back at that exact moment and realizing where you are, in jail. Many inmates try to put on a cheerful disposition on this important date by making jail cake.

The inmate makes a dough using a variety of crushed-up items, such as cookies and peanut butter cups, mixed with cappuccino mix. This dough is drizzled with melted chocolate from the microwave to make a special treat.

Homemade Prison Nachos

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If a bunch of fellow jail mates are really wanting to go all out, then they usually pool their resources to make prison nachos. Prison nachos are a mixture of Ramen noodles, cheese, and canned beans. They also add in other items according to what they have access to. The nachos are enjoyed by everyone that chipped in.

DIY Taffy

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Another hot commodity in jail is DIY taffy. Inmates make the taffy by melting down hard candy and making it into a larger lump of soft and chewy taffy. This gives the inmates a little variety and can be made from items purchased at the jail commissary.

Make Your Own Dice

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While regular dice aren’t allowed in jail, inmates do play games of chance using dice made out of toilet paper. Easy to make, the inmate simply wets some toilet paper and shapes it into a six-sided dice shape. Once dry, the inmate draws pips on each side using a pencil or pen.

Exercise Hack

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With a lot of idle time on their hands, many inmates seek to keep in shape by working out. This prospect is made harder by the fact that some jails do not allow exercise equipment. Prisoners have found a way around this by using trash bags filled with water and wrapped in their prison jumpsuits as a weight. This is then placed on a broom handle to make the makeshift weights.

Source: Insider