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10 Clever Laundry Hacks To Make Laundry Day Much Easier

May 18th, 2018

Doing your laundry might seem like a perpetual chore. If you want clean clothes , though, you have to go through the often weekly ritual of washing and drying your laundry. These 10 laundry hacks make laundry day much easier.

Mobilize Your Hamper

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A heavy hamper makes it more difficult to lug your laundry into the laundry room when it comes time to wash and dry your clothing. One option is to glue wheels to the bottom of your hamper to make it easier to move around. Anything that rolls will work, including small children’s toys.

Install Wall Dispensers

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Installing wall dispensers to hold your detergent and other laundry cleaning products has the double benefit of keeping them out of the reach of any children and modernizing the look of your laundry room. Makes sure to clearly label what is in each dispenser to avoid any confusion come laundry day.

Remove Bad Odors

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Keep mildew off of sweaty or wet clothing by hanging them over the towel bars in your bathroom instead of placing them in the hamper. This allows your clothing to air out and keeps the clothing from making your hamper and laundry room smell.

Use a Dryer Sheet Alternative

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While dryer sheets are usually worth their weight in gold when it comes to removing static from you clothing, they can get expensive. As an alternative, throw a piece of tinfoil in your dryer to help with static cling. You can even use one piece of aluminum for six months before you need to replace it.

Prevent Creases in Clothing

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Some clothing requires you to hang it up to dry after washing. This often leaves your clothing creased where it hung across the bar. To prevent this, use a clean pool noodle over the bars you normally use for drying. The noodles wider area allows clothing to air dry without any of the unsightly creasing..

Speed Up Clothes Drying

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To dry clothing faster throw a large , clean towel into your dryer for the first 15 minutes of the drying cycle. The towel should absorb some of the moisture in the clothing making it easier for your clothes to dry.

Fold Clothes Easier

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You can use a piece of cardboard to help you get a perfect fold when putting away your clothing. The cardboard edge makes it easy to get a nice, crisp folds, giving you nice, neat stacks of clothing once you are finished.

Create Laundry Storage Solutions

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Spice up the look of your laundry room by installing alternative laundry storage solutions. Use towel bars and coat hooks for a stylish look that acts as a useful storage solution at the same time. To make your laundry room look even better, add pieces of laundry-related decor.

Leave Laundry Reminders

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To give yourself reminders, use a dry-erase marker to leave messages for yourself on the washer. This method allows you to signify which clothing currently in the washer needs to air dry and other laundry related reminders.

Keep Track of Your Socks

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To keep better track of your socks while washing them each week, keep a sealable mesh bag attached to your hamper using clothespins. When you need to wash socks, just place them, in the mesh bag and throw it in the wash and dryer. This keeps pairs together, preventing you from losing them.

While doing laundry might seem boring, it does not have to be difficult. Using these hacks makes doing laundry easier and gives you more time to do the things you love..

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