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10 Housekeeping Hacks That Will Impress Guests

December 5th, 2018

Some people say that entertaining is easy. Actually … no one says that. Getting your house ready for a party is hard! When you have guests coming over, it’s easy to start feeling panicky. Here are 10 housekeeping hacks that will help you wow your guests in no time at all.

1. Make homemade potpourri with the contents of your spice cabinet.

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Hearth and Vine Source: Hearth and Vine

There’s no need to go shopping for pricey plug-ins, cloying candles, or expensive essential oils to keep your house smelling amazing. All you need are a couple of common food items. You probably already have them in your pantry or fridge.

To keep your house smelling fresh and delicious, grab coffee beans, orange peels, or spices and herbs and place them out in bowls. You’ll get a mild scent that’s just strong enough to make your house smell sweet but not overwhelming.

Plus, it’s like customizing your house’s perfume. Experiment with herbs like basil with lemon peels, or spices like nutmeg and cinnamon bark with peppercorns, or even rosemary and orange peels.

2. Personalize flower arrangements with DIY vases.

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Womenio Source: Womenio

Want to set up a quirky display of flowers without shopping for vases? Try reusing old glass bottles. It’s an easy way to put your blooms on display with an extra dash of whimsy.

You have the freedom to decide what kind of bottles you want: colored or clear, matching or mismatched, classic or eclectic. Have a love for a special kind of off-beat soda, specialty wine, or locally brewed beer? Show off your faves by saving the bottles for the best blooms from your garden (or the local florist).

3. Remove stains with a couple simple ingredients.

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Lifehacker Source: Lifehacker

If you have a carpet stain, you might think it’s time to rip and replace … or at least move an ottoman on top of it. But removing stains is easier than you think, and you usually don’t need any expensive store products to do it.

The next time you drop a glass of sangria on the carpet, try breaking out some white vinegar or a little bit of baking soda and water. These cheap fixes are great at lifting stains out of the carpet. Combine them with some steel wool or a Magic Eraser for extra scrubbing power and watch the stain fade away.

4. Brighten up your house with homemade orange candles.

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Trendhunter Source: Trendhunter

If you’re a fan of eclectic decorations that also smell great, use some old orange peels to make candles. It’s easy to learn how and a fun DIY project.

If you don’t want to take the time to actually construct a candle inside the orange peel, just pop a candle or LED light inside the peel. It not only looks gorgeous, but it’s another great way to make your whole house smell fragrant without overwhelming with fake or irritating scents.

5. Collect tripping hazards with colorful holders.

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Apartment Therapy Source: Apartment Therapy

It seems like everybody these days has a huge amount of loose cords and wires around the house. These are necessary for the amount of technology we use, but they can be annoying when they get tangled or in the way. Not to mention, they get dangerous when they turn into tripping hazards.

Go green while saving yourself space by reusing paper towel or toilet paper rolls to contain your extra cords. If you want, you can turn them into colorful decorations, so that they look like knick-knacks rather than eyesores.

6. Learn an expert tip for soup flavoring.

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Craftsy Source: Craftsy

Everyone knows that herbs are the spice of life, but no one likes to munch on them whole.

The next time you throw a bunch of rosemary or a bundle of thyme into a pot of soup, try making a bouquet garni. This is just a fancy way of saying, “Tie it all together with some twine.”

The herbs can boil away with your soup and add all their intense flavor, and you can easily take them out when you’re finished. It’s the perfect way to create delicious meals without making any of your guests eat a mouthful of bay leaves.

7. Jazz up your party food with a fun design.

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Brit + CO Source: Brit + CO

The next time you’re throwing a dinner party, take your menu up a notch with some creative arrangements. Pigs in a blanket might not look pretty, but if you get creative and have some fun, you can make simple dishes into something eye-catching.

Your guests will love snacking on your colorful arrangements. And if you’re not the greatest cook? Say that you’re a true artist in the kitchen and that’s where you’re focusing your talents.

8. Keep kids entertained with a sugary treat.

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Cookie Puzzle Source: Cookie Puzzle

Kids love toys, and they love cookies. If you have a holiday party coming up, try some of these fun puzzle cookies to keep the little guests occupied. It’s another opportunity for you to be creative and use your imagination to make sure guests of all ages enjoy the party.

If you doubt your puzzle-making abilities, don’t worry — it’s easy enough to shape these crowd-pleasers with a knife and some store-bought cookie cutters.

9. Tackle dust in hard-to-reach places.

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Lifehacker Source: Lifehacker

Need an easy way to clean those dusty window blinds? It’s not as hard as you think. All you need is a pair of salad tongs, a dusting or microfiber cloth, and a couple of elastics. Then, you can tackle two sides of dirty blinds at a time without trying to lift each one individually.

Not only is it easy and efficient, but it’s also easily improvised when you find yourself staring at those dirty blinds 10 minutes before your guests are due to show.

10. Keep your bathroom smelling fresh

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A Mum N The Oven Source: A Mum N The Oven

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean days after you’ve cleaned it. The trick? So simple! Just place a few drops of your favorite essential oil inside the cardboard tube of your toilet paper. Every time a guest grabs a few pieces of paper – the scent will envelop the room!

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