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10 Genius Hacks For Packing Your Carry-On Suitcase

June 7th, 2018

Traveling with only a carry-on bag allows you to skip the long airport ticket counter lines. It also saves you from waiting at baggage claim at the end of your flight. But taking only a carry-on requires smart packing on your part.

These 10 handy tips will help you pack your carry-on bag to save and utilize the space available.

Wrap Necklaces in Plastic Wrap for Easy Packing

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An easy way to quickly and safely pack your necklaces is to use plastic wrap. Start by placing your jewelry on a single sheet of plastic wrap. Then, place a similarly sized sheet of plastic wrap on top. Finally, wipe out any air bubbles and fold the plastic wrap for easy storage in your carry-on bag.

Use Packing Cubes

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Packing cubes allow you to easily store folded items of clothing more efficiently in your bag. Just fold your clothing for your trip like you usually do, place it inside the packing cube, and zip it up. The cubes allow you to compresses your clothing, compactly storing them and giving you a little more space.

Determining How Much to Pack

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When packing your bag, a good rule of thumb for how much clothing to bring on your trip is to pack three tops for every bottom, assuming that the tops you choose go with the bottoms. So, if you plan on being gone for a week, pack three bottoms, giving you a different top for each day, as well as backups.

Pack a Dryer Sheet in Your Carry-On

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Before zipping your carry-on up, place an unused dryer sheet in the front inner pocket of your bag. This keeps your bag and contents smelling fresh throughout your trip. Make sure that you use a dryer sheet that does not have too strong of a smell, though, and is in a scent that you like.

Use Your Shoes for Storage

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A great place to store items in your carry-on bag is in any extra shoes you pack for your trip. While shoes do take up a lot of space, you can place items inside of them, including socks, cords, makeup, and other small items.

Pack Jewelry and Other Small Items in a Pill Organizer

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Place small items of jewelry, such as earrings and rings, inside of a pill organizer for easy transport. This keeps all similar items of jewelry together and lessens the chance of losing one or both of a pair of earrings on your trip.

Store Toiletries in Contact Cases

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Store small amounts of toiletry items, such as makeup, toothpaste, and lotions, in a contact case placed in your luggage. This simple, no-mess solution allows you easy access to the items you need each day without taking up too much space.

Use Old Pill Bottles for Your Smallest Items

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Old prescription pill bottles are a great place to keep your smallest items for travel. Just place Q-tips, bobby pins, tweezers, and other small, long items in the pill bottle. Better yet, the lid won’t come off. If you want, place some colorful tape or stickers on the outside to decorate your pill bottle.

Wear Bulkier Items Instead of Packing

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Jackets and coats can take up a lot of space in your carry-on bag. Instead of packing these bulkier items, wear them on your flight. If needed, just remove the jacket or coat if you get too hot and hang it on your suitcase handle, especially during long layovers.

Use a Glasses Case to Store Smaller Items

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A glasses case is great for storing smaller items, including phone cords, USB cables, and larger makeup items, such as brushes. Plus, the hard shell of the case should protect your items while in transit.

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