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10 Smart Furniture Ideas To Save Space In Your Home

September 7th, 2018

If you are an owner of a small home, you know better than anyone the storage nightmares often involved in living in such a small space. Many homeowners take it upon themselves to come up with innovative and unique storage solutions in order to make room for all of their belongings.

Here are some smart furniture ideas to help you save space in your small home.

Place a Bookcase in the Corner

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Truly a Lovely Life Source: Truly a Lovely Life

One way to save space is to build a bookcase in a corner space in your home. Before installing any shelving, first make sure to space the shelves far enough apart to accommodate your books, marking where you want any shelving to go. Hide any screws using molding.

Under-the-Stair Storage

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Homedit Source: Homedit

If you have a staircase, repurpose any unused space underneath as a storage area. Put your carpentry skills to use or hire someone to install pull out drawers. You can even add a small closet if you need a bigger storage area. Some items to keep in under-the-stair includes decorations and extra clothing, among other items.

Pull-Out Corner Kitchen Cabinets

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Decoist Source: Decoist

To really take advantage of the often unused space beneath your corner kitchen cabinets, install pull-out drawers. Take full advantage of this space by stacking your drawers, with the biggest drawer on the bottom. You can find out more ideas for maximizing your corner kitchen cabinets at Decoist.

Pull-Down Wall Bed

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Homedit Source: Homedit

A pull-down wall bed gives a room a variety of purposes. During the day you can relax or entertain guests in your living space. Then, at night, pull out the bed for the perfect sleeping area for either you or your guests. This works especially well in a smaller home where space is at a premium.

Under-Seat Storage

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Adding storage underneath a seating area in your home, such as a bench, is a great solution for storing books and other items. This is especially effective when incorporating storage into the seating within a nook or bay window.

Pull-Out Dining Room Table

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Qanvast Source: Qanvast

If you have a standalone island in your kitchen, you could consider adding a pull-out table to your kitchen. In addition to saving space, this dining solution also acts as bar seating when not in use. This is due to the fact that the table surface easily pushes back into the bar while still leaving a small ledge.

Corner Beds

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Odelia Design Source: Odelia Design

Another way to take advantage of seldom-used corner space is to install two twin-sized corner beds. The beds can even share a common headboard with its own cubbyholes for even more storage space. Add a few drawers under each bed for clothing, and you have a multipurpose sleeping solution for a kid’s room.

Corner Shower Caddy Storage

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Installing a corner caddy in your shower gives you the space you need to store all those bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. While a seldom used space, the corner of your shower can even hold multiple caddy levels to hold all of your bathroom shower items.

In-Floor Storage

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Yo! Company Source: Yo! Company

If you have the space, build storage areas beneath the home of your floor. Then, when you need to put away no longer needed items, simply pull up the floor panel to store everything away. Check out this tiny home design at Yo! Home for even more innovative storage solutions.

Place Cabinets in the Corner

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Go Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Source: Go Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

An easy way to save space is by placing tall, wedge-shaped cabinets in the corners of your rooms. Not only can you store a lot of things in these types of cabinets, you can also look for cabinets with glass doors so that you can display collectibles and knickknacks.

Source: Tiny Home Tour