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10 Hacks that Can Make Your Furniture Look Like New

November 1st, 2018

Usually, when you have an old, unsightly piece of furniture in your home you replace it with a new item, but this can cost money. Another option is to refinish the furniture to make it look good as new. And while you can use a variety of hacks where exactly do you start?

Here are some hacks to help you make your old furniture look as good as the day you bought it.

Use Oil and Vinegar to Renew Furniture

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If you have an older piece of wood furniture, here is the perfect hack to make it look new. Mix 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil with 3/4 cup of white vinegar. Next, apply the mixture using a piece of cheesecloth. This method can help remove light water damage and makes the wood look vibrant and new.

Apply Tile to Damaged Surfaces

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If you have an old tabletop, such as a coffee or kitchen table, then cover it with tile to give it a new look. Find tile in a design you like or that matches the exterior of your home, and apply them to the surface using a glue specifically designed for the purpose. The tile will renew the look of your table.

Use Walnuts to Remove Scratches

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Believe it or not, but a walnut removes small scratches from wood surfaces. This hack works great on furniture and even floors. Simply rub half of a peeled walnut along the scratch in your furniture a few times and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then, buff and polish the scratch with a soft, clean cloth.

Cover Surfaces With Chalkboard Paint

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If you have kids then you know how rough they can be on furniture. Easily refinish the tables in their room by applying a coat of chalkboard paint to the surface. This serves the dual purpose of renewing the look of the piece of furniture while also giving your children something to draw on.

Use Liquid Leather to Repair Cracks

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Liquid Leather, or any number of other leather repair kits, can work wonders at renewing the surface of old, cracked leather. Leather repair kits work by filling in the cracks, rips, cuts, and tears in the leather surface of the furniture, and either go on cold or must be heated according to the type of kit you buy.

Remove Rust Spots With Lemon Juice

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Rubbing a little lemon juice on a rust spot works great to remove it from the surface of items such as a grill or piece of outdoor furniture. Soak the rusted area in the lemon juice for 5 to 10 minutes and then use a scouring pad to remove it. Once removed follow up with a coat of rust-resistant paint to protect it.

Distress the Surface of Wooden Furniture

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While popular with professionals, distressing your furniture is something that you can easily do yourself. Start by painting over the wood with the color of your choice. Next, scrub the wood with a sponge or piece of sandpaper. To create contrast use a second color underneath that will bleed through when distressing.

Use Mayonnaise to Remove Water Stains

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If you have a ring from a drink on your furniture do not give up hope. You can easily remove it using a little bit of mayonnaise. Dab some mayonnaise on the ring, allow it to sit for an hour, and then wipe it up. As long as the stain isn’t too old, this method should remove it.

Add Details to Upgrade Furniture

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Adding little details here and there to your furniture can really make it stand out. Some great details to add include chair covers for your outside furniture, throw pillows for your indoor couches and chairs, and upgrading the knobs, pulls, and handles of the furniture in your home.

Use Chalk to Remove Oil From Furniture

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If you have a piece of oil-stained furniture in your home try this hack first before throwing it away. Rub a piece of chalk on the oil-stained fabric and allow it to soak up the oil. Next, wipe down the fabric with a clean cloth. Finally, allow the fabric to air dry. The result, oil-free furniture that looks good as new.

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