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10 Tampon Hacks That Can Really Save the Day

November 1st, 2018

The amazing tampon is more than just a feminine hygiene product. You might not have known that tampons come in useful in a variety of surprising situations, including as a makeshift bandage, to help plug leaks, and as kindling if you ever need to start a fire, among other useful tricks. As a matter of fact, tampons are so useful that maybe men should start carrying them!

Here are some of the amazing ways you can use tampons to do a variety of everyday tasks.

Use Tampons to Plug Leaks

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While a tampon is not a long-term solution to a plumbing problem, they are handy in a pinch. If you have a leak and your plumber is delayed, insert a tampon if you can. The absorbent nature of the tampon should keep the leak to a minimum until the plumber can apply a more permanent fix.

Use Tampons to Clean Up Spills

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If you have a small spill, you can use a tampon to clean it up in a pinch. Simply rub the tampon over the spill area and let its absorbent nature do the work. When finished, dispose of the tampon in the trash. In addition to cleaning up small spills on surfaces, you can also use it to spot-clean your clothing.

Use Tampons as Air Fresheners

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You can also use tampons to freshen the air in a variety of situations. Simply apply some essential oils to the tampon and place it in the area of the offensive odor. Some of the places where you can place a tampon air freshener include your car or in a musty closet.

Use Tampons as Pest Repellers

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Just as you can place essential oils on a tampon and use it as an air freshener, you can also use them to repel pests. Some great essential oils that you can use to repel a wide variety of pests include neem, peppermint, cedar, citronella, geranium, lavender, vetiver, and tea tree oil.

Use Tampons to Deodorize Shoes

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In addition to your car or closet, tampons with a dab of essential oil on them work perfectly when deodorizing your shoes. Simply place the essential oil-infused tampon into your shoes when you are not wearing them. Just remember to take the tampons out before you put them back on.

Use Tampons as Hair Curlers

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Another great use for tampons is as impromptu hair curlers. Remove them from their casing and fasten your hair around them. They are the perfect shape for curls and you can even sleep on them if you plan on curling your hair overnight. They also won’t pull your hair and are lighter than regular curlers.

Use Tampons as Kindling

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If you are in the woods and need to start a fire but find that you have no kindling on hand, you can use tampons instead. The material that tampons are made from, cotton, is very flammable and should allow you to start a fire in no time. As a matter of fact, it might be wise to keep a few in your emergency kit.

Use Tampons to Make Crafts

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You can even use tampons to paint with, and they make perfect polka dots. In addition to paint, you can use a tampon to spread glue in a pinch or even to help clean up wayward paint on your craft project. If you find that the paint or glue on the end of your tampon has dried, simply cut it off using scissors.

Use Tampons to Bandage a Wound

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The sterile nature of tampons makes them a perfect bandage or wound dressing in an emergency. You can even unravel them to make a larger bandage if necessary. To secure the tampon bandage in place use smaller bandages, gauze, or even tape.

Use Tampons to Filter Water

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You can use a tampon to filter a bottle of dirty water in an emergency. And while a tampon won’t keep all of the contaminants out, it will keep out some of the bigger particles. Just make sure to boil the water before you drink it, and you should be good to go.

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